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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#401 add plugin infrastructure Will Kahn-Greene enhancement major 0.3.1 programming
#683 add mediaimport gmg command enhancement major programming
#388 `gmg wipealldata` deletes the default mediagoblin database Jakob Kramer defect major 0.3.0 component1
#370 [wiki] change Meetings page to category Simon Fondrie-Teitler task minor infrastructure
#718 [i18n] MediaGoblin Chinese (Simplified) translation enhancement major graphic design/interface
#761 [Python 2.6] OrderedDict ImportError defect major programming
#5387 [PATCH]Use six.itervalues() in delete_media_files defect major 0.9.0 programming
#5579 [PATCH] Fix comments in docker-compose.yml enhancement minor programming
#944 [PATCH] Add repr for Collection and CollectionItem defect minor programming
#1072 [API] Updated objects don't have "updated" field defect minor programming
#5314 ZeroDivisionError in defect major 0.8.0 programming
#5524 Zero division error when uploading a file with zero GPS coordinates defect major programming
#5394 Wrong url for forgot_password in basic_auth plugin defect minor 0.9.0 programming
#716 Wrong permissions for videos defect critical 0.5.0 infrastructure
#435 Wrong MIMEtype for audio source joar defect major 0.3.0 programming
#687 Write unit tests for redirect and redirect_obj enhancement major 0.9.0 programming
#437 Wrap bio text in <div> instead of <p> Christopher Allan Webber defect major graphic design/interface
#5066 Work around pbutils import warning bug defect minor 0.8.0 programming
#585 When publishing through API, no PuSH to push_urls defect major 0.3.3 programming
#791 When I tried put comment Slovakian language I got defect major 0.7.0 programming
#216 What happens when you set a slug to an existing objectid? Anything bad? defect major 0.3.3 programming
#902 Welcome image URL hard coded in the template defect major programming
#812 Was removed python-dateutil from instalation procedure? defect major programming
#469 Warn when the database structures need “./bin/gmg dbupdate” enhancement major programming
#639 WTForms form extension hooks enhancement major 0.4.0 programming
#429 Videos/muisc don't play because MediaGoblin should take care of mime-type before upload them to Rackspace Cloudfiles Jorge Araya Navarro defect critical 0.3.0 component1
#5590 Videos are muted by default defect minor 0.10.0 programming
#511 VideoThumbnailerMarkII creates one-pixel height thumbnails. pythonsnake defect blocker 0.3.3 programming
#757 Video upload ignored defect major programming
#5407 Video thumbnailer won't work anymore defect major programming
#5375 Video thumbnailer relies on function that has been removed from recent PIL defect critical programming
#201 Video support Christopher Allan Webber defect major 0.2.1 programming
#5401 Video processing fails when media contains no tags defect major programming
#5625 Video preload is set to preload="auto" defect minor programming
#780 Video player uses wrong dimensions for pane size defect major graphic design/interface
#375 Video Preload joar defect minor 0.3.0 component1
#1058 Verifier page could be clearer defect major 0.8.0 graphic design/interface
#730 VPS use defect trivial infrastructure
#1096 User registration form is too strict with usernames enhancement major 0.9.0 programming
#5403 Use upstream version of freesound defect major programming
#5321 Use of deprecated frombytes when processing videos causes the task to fail defect major programming
#667 Use lazy_pass_to_ugettext for forms aditi enhancement minor programming
#649 Use instead of request.form['field'] Hans Lo defect minor 0.4.0 programming
#861 Use STARTTLS when sending emails enhancement minor 0.7.0 programming
#5399 Use GLib.MainLoop instead of GObject.MainLoop defect major programming
#432 Upload media button should be more visible Jef van Schendel defect major 0.3.1 graphic design/interface
#972 Upgrade system python defect minor documentation
#5575 Upgrade setuptools and pip in Makefile defect major programming
#5611 Upgrade issue from 0.9 to 0.10 enhancement minor programming
#5626 Upgrade issue from 0.10 to 0.11 defect major 0.12.0 programming
#5333 Upgrade extlib/freesound/ enhancement major programming
#5367 Update edit view for database changes defect blocker 0.9.0 programming
#5429 Update documentation to reflect changes to mediagoblin.ini defect minor 0.10.0 documentation
#5593 Update deployment docs for Debian 10 and Fedora 31 defect critical 0.10.0 programming
#433 Update dependencies (webob, sqlalchemy) Christopher Allan Webber defect major programming
#5366 Update blog views for database changes defect blocker 0.9.0 programming
#643 Unique contraint for user+slug on collections rodney757 defect major 0.4.0 programming
#5500 UnicodeEncodeError when trying to access atom feed with non-ASCII characters defect minor programming
#983 UnicodeDecodeError when processing a PDF file defect major 0.9.0 programming
#5081 Unhelpful SMTP error defect trivial programming
#456 Unhandled exception after failed upload Elrond defect major 0.3.3 programming
#981 Unhandled Exception when using LDAP plugin defect critical programming
#615 UndefinedError: 'configobj.Section object' has no attribute 'geolocation_map_visible' Elrond defect major 0.3.3 programming
#647 Uncontrolled reading of files into memory defect major 0.8.0 programming
#393 UTF-8 characters in ASCII art do not get into thumbnails joar defect minor programming
#371 UTF-8 "ascii art" is broken (wrong encoding) joar defect trivial 0.2.1 programming
#1010 Typos in mediagoblin/media_types/image/ defect trivial programming
#5431 Typo in models defect minor 0.9.0 programming
#1102 Typo in mediagoblin.pot defect minor graphic design/interface
#5359 Typo in deployment documentation defect trivial documentation
#5433 Typo in decorator text returned to API client defect major programming
#5440 Typo in blog views defect major programming
#1039 Typo in User model defect minor programming
#434 Two step guide to lower-footprint mediagoblin server deployments defect major programming
#852 Tweak the trim whitespace plugin documentation. enhancement minor documentation
#248 Tutorial of the codebase documentation in wiki task minor documentation
#691 Travis intergration enhancement minor infrastructure
#5322 Translations compilation fails task major 0.9.0 programming
#1071 Translations can't compile defect blocker 0.8.0 programming
#5602 Trac ( is rejecting registrations again defect minor 0.10.0 infrastructure
#1065 Timestamps are not UTC defect major 0.8.0 programming
#5484 Thumbnail video icon not displayed in collections enhancement minor programming
#369 Thread locally scoped gettext Jakob Kramer defect trivial 0.3.1 programming
#290 This bug tracker will not let me upload screenshots. defect major programming
#942 Think about changing default location of variable and user-uploaded content defect major programming
#5597 There's a "latest" version of docs that doesn't have a clear purpose defect minor 0.10.0 documentation
#957 There is no description in defect major 0.8.0 programming
#450 Theming support enhancement major programming
#524 Themes replace original HTML files completely Christopher Allan Webber defect major programming
#512 The video player is not responsive defect major 0.3.3 graphic design/interface
#864 The verification token field is incorrectly filled defect major infrastructure
#874 The core__privileges_users table has the foreign key columns reversed defect critical 0.7.0 programming
#5396 The ascii media type is rendered as one line bytes string under python3 defect major 0.9.0 programming
#665 Tests fail for WebTest 2.0.2 defect major 0.9.0 programming
#5585 Testing the new contributor experience defect major programming
#452 Test fails because table "ascii__mediadata" does not exist defect minor programming
#808 Terms' of Service header color needs changing in Airy defect major graphic design/interface
#711 Switch unit tests to using in-memory sqlite databases enhancement minor 0.5.0 programming
#651 Switch to Pillow? enhancement major programming
#703 Switch deployment docs over to recommend running MediaGoblin as www-data? defect major documentation
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