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Upgrade issue from 0.9 to 0.10

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during upgrade on a debian stretch up to date (I've redone all the step on a fresh buster and ended at the same place), there were an issue during configure on the following step:
./bin/python develop --upgrade

when trying to install MarkupSafe, minimum version required by egg file was minimum 0.23, thus 2.0.0a was installed, which failed.
as a workarond, egg file has been modified to force version 1.1.1 which is stable to be installed.
Configure was fine from there.

Then, upgrade failed because a previously installed plugin (mediagoblin_private) was not found anymore. After reinstallation, all was ok.
I believe documentation should precise to either deactivate plugin during upgrade, or reinstall them before proceed at a suitable step.


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comment:1 Changed 3 months ago by Ben Sturmfels

Hi TmCTux, regarding the ./bin/python develop --upgrade - which documentation were you following that included this command? I was hoping we'd removed that from all of our documentation.

The issue of deactivating plugins is a good point - we don't currently have a good answer for this, so I'll get back to you.

comment:2 Changed 3 months ago by TmCTux

first thank you so much for answering!

*) I was following the "release note" documentation:
on the second step:
./ && ./configure && make

MarkupSafe installation failed and if you want to resume, it skip the step where python module dependency is check and proceed to the next step, so it will fail later on because markupsafe is not installed. So I retrieve the "./bin/python develop --upgrade" from the printed command during configure to be able to apply my workaround (modify the egg file) and resume where it stopped. So it's indeed remove from new documentation - it's still usefull though :)

One precision concerning this markupsafe issue, I think that only happens in stretch, I've gave up in buster initially because the next issue showed up so I went back to stretch.

as said, I'm only reporting this because it could help someone having the same issue and finding that a workaround exist in this ticket, I don't think it's worth mentionning it in the official doc, too deep in detail.

*) here a doc update could help indeed, I myself totally forgot that I had installed plugins so I didn't think the issue was coming from my own configuration.

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