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#904 Errors in Deployment documentation defect trivial documentation
#948 Errors viewing other user's blogs defect major 0.7.0 programming
#5390 Exception when deleting media that has CommentNotifications on them. defect blocker 0.9.0 programming
#5084 Exit code from gmg defect major programming
#697 Expand the plugin author guide defect major 0.4.0 programming
#468 Extra forms of Markdown we should be supporting but aren't Jakob Kramer defect minor programming
#5476 Extra whitespace around OAuth verifier code in HTML defect minor graphic design/interface
#509 Extract media file submission logic into common library Elrond defect major 0.3.3 programming
#5327 Failure to delete user after using pump api defect major programming
#1028 Federated models enhancement major programming
#633 Feed 'by tag' does not link to the pubsub hub defect major 0.5.0 programming
#349 Feed for all items Christopher Allan Webber enhancement minor 0.3.3 other
#5068 File extension matching fails with relative paths defect major 0.8.0 programming
#5416 FileObjectAwareFile breaking test in Python 3, doesn't know how to write unicode strings defect major 0.9.0 programming
#430 Filter By Tags Under User Christopher Allan Webber enhancement major 0.3.3 programming
#498 Find a different icon for collections defect major 0.3.3 graphic design/interface
#5615 Find out about the package.json mentioned in extlib/README defect minor programming
#767 First point under "do this to upgrade" in release notes is something to do after upgrading defect major documentation
#885 Fix a typo in babel.ini. defect trivial 0.7.0 documentation
#550 Fix missing constraint in recent migrations Elrond defect blocker 0.3.2 programming
#763 Fix plugin documentation defect blocker 0.5.0 documentation
#758 Fix skip_transcoding defect major 0.7.0 programming
#952 Force footer to the bottom of the page defect major graphic design/interface
#1052 Foreign key on delete user defect blocker 0.8.0 programming
#793 Forgot password features broken in master defect blocker programming
#555 ForgotPassword view needs improvement defect major 0.3.3 programming
#5313 Fresh install requires "requests>=2.6.0" defect blocker 0.8.0 programming
#373 Functional testing plan (test cases, e.g. for non-technical manual pre-release testing) task minor infrastructure
#394 Fuzzy timestamps Jessica Tallon enhancement minor 0.4.0 programming
#552 GMGTableBase uses default kwarg of {} in methods nyergler defect minor 0.3.2 programming
#536 GNU Coding Standards-compliant configure script & Makefile enhancement major 0.5.0 infrastructure
#5024 GSteamer 1.0 should be initialized only when required defect critical 0.8.0 programming
#5070 GStreamer bails unexpectedly on video file defect minor 0.9.0 programming
#5627 Generalise keyboard navigation enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#913 Get off of Transifex defect major 0.8.0 programming
#580 Get rid of beaker defect major 0.4.0 programming
#5355 Graveyard media don't return serializable actors defect critical 0.9.0 programming
#5354 Graveyard media don't return serializable timestamps defect critical 0.9.0 programming
#5382 Graveyard media in collection give server error defect blocker 0.9.0 programming
#678 Group Permissions enhancement major programming
#337 HTML (limited) support, in addition to Markdown enhancement trivial programming
#586 HTTPS/SSL support on Christopher Allan Webber defect major infrastructure
#5532 Handle collection in batchaddmedia command enhancement minor programming
#178 Have a Users page that lists all the users on a given install enhancement minor programming
#558 Honour user's browser language preference enhancement major 0.3.2 programming
#945 Host metadata does not confirm to spec (/.well-known/meta-data) defect major programming
#479 Hovering over an image makes the pointer icon “enlarge”/“zoom in”, even if click does nothing. joar defect trivial 0.3.2 programming
#897 I think that there's no such thing as `git submodule fetch` defect minor 0.7.0 documentation
#879 IRC-Logs unavailable (Gateway Time-out 504) defect major infrastructure
#795 Improve adding media to categories enhancement minor 0.9.0 graphic design/interface
#427 Improve and gather deployment documentation on additional media types defect major documentation
#764 Improve checkbox wording defect minor 0.6.0 programming
#5596 In docs "--with-python3" has been converted to display a single "em dash" defect major 0.10.0 documentation
#1026 Inbox links and url points to feed (outbox) addresses defect major programming
#916 Incorporate jpope's "sandy 70s speedboat" theme defect major 0.7.0 graphic design/interface
#514 Incorrect OSM license defect minor 0.3.2 documentation
#5310 Incorrect syntax in latest postgres docs defect major 0.8.0 documentation
#5023 Incorrect version string in latest master defect trivial 0.8.0 infrastructure
#601 Increase the max tag length limit NattilyPidgin enhancement major programming
#787 Instructions should include a recommendation that users check signatures defect major 1.0 documentation
#96 Integrate the appearance of the documentation with the rest of the MediaGoblin site Jim Campbell task minor 0.3.0 documentation
#640 Interface implementation hooks enhancement major 0.4.0 programming
#416 Invalid input causes unhelpful error messages defect major graphic design/interface
#5469 InvalidRequestError on displaying an empty collection defect major programming
#47 It is possible to register 2 accounts with same email address Elrond defect minor 0.3.0 programming
#1017 Key (activity)=(n) is not present in table "core__activity_intermediators". defect major programming
#851 Klick auf bringt folgendes Ergebnis : defect minor programming
#5373 Latest flup removes Python 2 compatibility defect minor 0.9.0 infrastructure
#109 Least-Effort Picture adding enhancement trivial programming
#675 Loading config file fails if "media_types = mediagoblin.media_types.image" in the config defect major programming
#1007 Location error in edit_profile defect major programming
#491 Location parsing has inverted latitude defect major 0.3.2 programming
#5460 Log IP address when a user enters a wrong password enhancement minor 0.10.0 programming
#182 Logging in should take me back to the page where I clicked the login link task minor 0.3.2 programming
#5414 Login-validator arbitrary and capricious defect minor programming
#5395 Look into why session is not used on AlembicMigrationManager defect minor programming
#5442 Mac dev setup issues defect minor programming
#5398 Major test failures defect major 0.9.0 programming
#602 Make "Add to collections" link text, with icon appended from the left with CSS. Same for "Add attachment" and maybe other links. enhancement minor 0.3.3 graphic design/interface
#5592 Make "–with-python3" the default task critical 0.10.0 programming
#464 Make Download links consistent Jakob Kramer task minor 0.3.1 graphic design/interface
#5607 Make LDAP plugin Python3 compatible defect minor programming
#488 Make MediaGoblin work with latest celery, kombu task major 0.5.0 programming
#5017 Make Python 3 a first class citizen defect major 0.9.0 programming
#5531 Make admin panel headers readable in Airy theme enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#463 Make an actually useful media processing panel to use enhancement major 1.0 programming
#629 Make autoplay of uploaded videos configurable pythonsnake enhancement minor 0.3.3 graphic design/interface
#431 Make celeryd load logging settings from paste.ini paste_local.ini defect major 0.3.3 programming
#466 Make it easy to temporarily disable a plug-in Will Kahn-Greene enhancement minor programming
#704 Make media types into plugins enhancement major 0.5.0 programming
#146 Make messaging system testable enhancement minor programming
#5413 Make models on clean database with alembic, not from defect blocker 0.9.0 programming
#588 Make profile editing URL consistent Christopher Allan Webber enhancement major 0.3.3 programming
#264 Make sure delete_media deletes comments defect major 0.3.0 programming
#142 Make sure we're using 100% efficient queries / indexes Christopher Allan Webber enhancement trivial programming
#565 Make workbench easier to use defect major 0.3.3 programming
#923 Making admin a user does not turn on 'moderator' nor 'featurer' privileges defect major 0.7.0 programming
#688 Map MEDIA_MANAGER to new MediaManager classes praveen97uma enhancement major 0.4.0 programming
#5466 MapQuest Developer Tiles no longer available defect minor programming
#425 Markdown Links in media description broken for media/dokuwiki targets Jakob Kramer defect major programming
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