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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#292 Enable "favoriting" of media Aaron Williamson enhancement minor 0.2.0 programming
#334 Display number of views a media object has had defect minor 0.3.0 programming
#408 Localized dates and times enhancement major 0.3.0 component1
#449 Add download link to audio media type defect major 0.3.1 programming
#391 Presentation and/or document media type support? Jorge Araya Navarro enhancement major 0.4.0 programming
#1038 Deleting media causes feed API issue defect critical 0.8.0 programming
#5358 Tests failing in current master defect major 0.9.0 programming
#5362 Audio submission test fails with defect major 0.9.0 programming
#5591 Avoiding up-scaling low-res videos defect minor 0.11.0 programming
#5622 Doc update - pyexiv2 defect minor 0.11.0 documentation
#5574 Improve docker builds for deployment and/or development enhancement minor 0.13.0 programming
#5606 Hook up lightbox effect for images defect minor graphic design/interface
#278 User-defined galleries enhancement minor programming
#395 Make license options customizable and drop non-FaiF options by default enhancement major programming
#446 Make it easier to download the published audio file enhancement minor programming
#455 Tests fail because of audio metadata table defect major programming
#493 Use OpenWebFonts defect major graphic design/interface
#504 Internationalization sets the language used in the comment notification email template defect major programming
#525 allow to register to let comment on my cat pics enhancement minor programming
#547 Need better PuSH mechanism defect major programming
#559 Collections can only be found from a file's page, no list to be found defect minor graphic design/interface
#609 Sharing of private collections enhancement minor programming
#631 When name of upload conflicts with existing media, mg uses the id number, but does not check whether an exisiting item is named that. defect major programming
#656 Need a list of "Tests for Humans" enhancement major infrastructure
#717 Video thumbnails are not created defect major programming
#726 Allow to embed GNU Mediagoblin player in a web page enhancement major graphic design/interface
#769 I tried send comment and got -> Server Error defect major programming
#784 Visual indication of media type on gallery page thumbnails enhancement minor programming
#825 Problem with one special jpg defect major programming
#834 File upload size limited by available system memory defect major programming
#892 Data liberation enhancement minor programming
#929 Thumbnails in the collection view are missing file title defect minor graphic design/interface
#937 transifex defect major programming
#995 Uploading images by drag&drop enhancement minor programming
#1074 Upload audio to GNU MediaGoblin via the API enhancement minor programming
#1101 Typo in mediagoblin.pot defect minor graphic design/interface
#5020 Errors in translations defect minor infrastructure
#5035 gi warnings defect trivial programming
#5306 Hard-coded absolute URL path in frontpage_welcome.html defect major programming
#5312 Install Scripts Shebang on Freebsd defect minor programming
#5335 Particular PDF not uploading defect trivial programming
#5336 Bug in media types extension parsing defect major programming
#5337 Number of views does not exist for media enhancement major programming
#5348 PDF processing fails on non-ASCII characters in extract_pdf_info defect major programming
#5384 Compiling error involving babel an localedata defect major programming
#5453 migration will fail when disable a previously enabled plugin defect major programming
#5461 Never ends processing defect trivial infrastructure
#5479 Adding the Peer Production License as one option more when submitting content enhancement major graphic design/interface
#5497 0.9.0 pdf fails: No plugins using two-step checking found defect major programming
#5498 misleading messages uploading PDFs: No plugins using two-step checking found (0.9.0) defect major programming
#5499 Show log messages for failed uploads in Media processing panel enhancement major programming
#5557 ValueError when trying to submit media defect major programming
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