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Allow to embed GNU Mediagoblin player in a web page

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Currently, the only way I've found to play a video stored in an instance of GNU Mediagoblin in another website is the HTML5 markup video with the URL of the webm file. However, some web browsers don't support this format.

I suggest to add a button to provide a short piece of source code that would allow to embed the whole player in any web page. Maybe GNU Mediagoblin should convert the video files into several formats in order to have some fallback solutions when WebM isn't supported.

I don't know how to play a WebM video in MS IE 9 and it seems to support only H264 :(

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comment:1 by Emily O'Leary, 11 years ago

Resolution: duplicate
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Thanks for submitting your ticket! Unfortunately I'm going to have to close this as a duplicate.

This is definitely an important feature and a part of it, the embed portion, is currently being worked on in tickets #409 and #653.

Support for H264 is problematic due to patent issues so it can't be packaged with GMG. However, we could definitely put in hooks so that an external plugin could work. One ticket that may handle cross-browser compatibility is #567 which mentions a Java applet that can play Ogg Vorbis+Theora files if we were to add support for that format.

We'd encourage you look these tickets over and submit a new one if they don't cover what you were looking for. If they do cover what you were looking for you can add yourself as a CC on the ticket to get updates on its progress.

comment:2 by Julien Gouesse, 11 years ago


Ok, sorry for the duplicate ticket. The ticket #653 covers most of my needs.

comment:3 by Julien Gouesse, 11 years ago

I don't want to support H264, I just need something clean. When a web browser has the proper plug-ins/codecs/extensions to play a video, it just does it. When it can't, it would be fine to have a proper message, for example "Microsoft has chosen not to support WebM in Internet Explorer, please use another web browser".

comment:4 by Emily O'Leary, 11 years ago

I'm glad that the ticket covers what you want.

comment:5 by Brad Koehn, 10 years ago

FWIW I made an (source code un-encumbered) fork that uses mp4/h.264/aac at

It works without me installing anything extra (on Ubuntu 14.04/trusty) beyond what the instructions are for the un-forked video plugin. YMMV.

I love the product but it's just not feasible for me to use it with webm; hence the fork. I'd love to make a switch allowing for multiple, user-selectable formats instead of a one-way-or-the-other thing like this. I understand and respect the authors' desire to avoid patent-encumbered codecs; I just have a different need that cannot be met with WebM, and in keeping with the license I wanted to share my changes freely.

Unless there's a sea-change at the group regarding codecs (read: somebody asks me to) I won't be submitting a merge request to put the code into the main fork, but I'll try to keep my fork up to date with the main source base. Of course, if I fall behind, there's nothing stopping someone from forking my fork and applying changes to it themselves.

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