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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1058 Verifier page could be clearer defect major 0.8.0 graphic design/interface
#1057 OAuth HTTP redirection doesn't work defect major 0.8.0 programming
#1056 endpoints redirect to trailing / endpoint if missing defect minor 0.8.0 programming
#1055 API feed sort order defect minor 0.8.0 programming
#1054 Missing Activity attributes in image post response defect major 0.8.0 programming
#1053 API Image object height/width attributes missing defect major 0.8.0 programming
#1052 Foreign key on delete user defect blocker 0.8.0 programming
#1050 .mo files should not be in the repo enhancement minor 0.8.0 programming
#1049 API Location object should have 'displayName' attribute defect major programming
#1048 Pumpa image upload failed defect major 0.8.0 programming
#1046 Media breaking out of container defect major graphic design/interface
#1040 API comment doesnt have 'published' attribute defect major programming
#1039 Typo in User model defect minor programming
#1034 "addmedia" command doesn't handle UTF8 titles/descriptions defect critical programming
#1028 Federated models enhancement major programming
#1026 Inbox links and url points to feed (outbox) addresses defect major programming
#1025 API object IDs are integers defect major programming
#1024 Activity generator is always GMG service defect minor 0.8.0 programming
#1023 API timestamps are not timezone aware defect major programming
#1021 Deleting an image breaks API feeds defect blocker 0.8.0 programming
#1020 themes (sandyseventiesspeedboat) broken with footer change, and update list defect major 0.8.0 graphic design/interface
#1019 Bad link Plugin API documentation defect minor documentation
#1018 atom feed fails when untitled media is included defect major programming
#1017 Key (activity)=(n) is not present in table "core__activity_intermediators". defect major programming
#1016 oauth sends invalid timestamp format for postgresql db defect major programming
#1010 Typos in mediagoblin/media_types/image/ defect trivial programming
#1007 Location error in edit_profile defect major programming
#1005 'mediagoblin.db.extratypes.MutationDict object' has no attribute 'latitude' defect major programming
#1001 requires six twice defect minor programming
#1000 Button style in Report file dialogue enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#997 Add an "Add Media" Button to the Current Media screen when no files have been uploaded yet enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#996 Different widths of input fields in edit profile defect minor graphic design/interface
#994 Edit Profile: It should be possible to add Website-URLs without "http://" enhancement trivial programming
#989 "Add Media" Button location defect major graphic design/interface
#985 Misleading metadata processing log message enhancement trivial 0.8.0 programming
#984 ActivityIntermediator bits enhancement minor 0.8.0 programming
#983 UnicodeDecodeError when processing a PDF file defect major 0.9.0 programming
#982 Database migrations no longer work defect critical 0.8.0 programming
#981 Unhandled Exception when using LDAP plugin defect critical programming
#978 Deployment docs need updating to reflect change from paster to gunircorn defect major 0.9.0 documentation
#975 Changes to Spanish translation defect minor graphic design/interface
#974 Re-enable garbage collection after implementing clean session behavior defect major 0.8.0 programming
#972 Upgrade system python defect minor documentation
#971 Add location model that all objects can use enhancement major programming
#969 gmg user commands don't fail gracefully for non existant users defect trivial 0.9.0 programming
#968 mediagoblin.submit.task.collect_garbage is not mediagoblin.submit.task.garbage_collection defect trivial 0.8.0 programming
#965 Change TextField to StringField in wtforms elements defect trivial programming
#961 " -h" gives incorrect option names defect minor programming
#957 There is no description in defect major 0.8.0 programming
#955 Creative Common 4.0 licenses enhancement minor programming
#954 plain text <br/> defect trivial 0.9.0 programming
#952 Force footer to the bottom of the page defect major graphic design/interface
#950 Add collection add/remove plugin hooks enhancement major programming
#948 Errors viewing other user's blogs defect major 0.7.0 programming
#945 Host metadata does not confirm to spec (/.well-known/meta-data) defect major programming
#944 [PATCH] Add repr for Collection and CollectionItem defect minor programming
#942 Think about changing default location of variable and user-uploaded content defect major programming
#940 Add template hook to STL sideinfo enhancement trivial 0.8.0 graphic design/interface
#938 lowercasify username on login request defect minor programming
#935 Raw Image gets unicodedecodeerror on logging debug data defect major programming
#934 tries to process SVG files defect major programming
#928 Call get_upload_file_limits directly in submit_media() defect minor programming
#927 Clean up Federation defect critical 0.7.0 programming
#923 Making admin a user does not turn on 'moderator' nor 'featurer' privileges defect major 0.7.0 programming
#922 Some strings are not translatable defect major 0.8.0 programming
#920 Broken migration for #894 defect blocker 0.7.0 programming
#919 Do not use super(self.__class__) defect major programming
#918 video.js recommending Adobe Flash and Chrome in some browsers defect critical 0.8.0 programming
#916 Incorporate jpope's "sandy 70s speedboat" theme defect major 0.7.0 graphic design/interface
#915 Add collection option to 'addmedia' cli uploading enhancement minor programming
#913 Get off of Transifex defect major 0.8.0 programming
#912 proper handling of missing video codecs task major 0.8.0 programming
#910 ./bin/gmg assetlink and mediagoblin default setup defect minor infrastructure
#909 pyld is python2.7+ only defect critical 0.7.0 programming
#907 Add template hook to dropdown header enhancement trivial 0.7.0 graphic design/interface
#906 Sidebar info not showing up in media displays defect minor 0.7.0 graphic design/interface
#905 Create and use activities enhancement major programming
#904 Errors in Deployment documentation defect trivial documentation
#902 Welcome image URL hard coded in the template defect major programming
#901 video didn't provide Download link defect major programming
#900 nginx warning using example config: text/html already implied in gzip_types defect trivial documentation
#899 DeprecationWarning: Required is going away in WTForms 3.0, use DataRequired defect minor 0.7.0 infrastructure
#897 I think that there's no such thing as `git submodule fetch` defect minor 0.7.0 documentation
#896 Missing `pyld` packagee on update defect major 0.7.0 infrastructure
#894 index User.username defect critical 0.7.0 programming
#889 zh and ja are not RTL languages defect major 0.7.0 programming
#888 Support RAW photo files enhancement major 0.7.0 programming
#887 Can't su into unprivileged user when following documentation defect major programming
#886 Documentation should specify adding a mediagoblin group. defect minor documentation
#885 Fix a typo in babel.ini. defect trivial 0.7.0 documentation
#884 Remove outdated PKGINFO. defect minor 0.7.0 programming
#883 Properly exit when "gmg deletemedia" succeed. enhancement minor 0.7.0 programming
#879 IRC-Logs unavailable (Gateway Time-out 504) defect major infrastructure
#876 celery crash defect major infrastructure
#874 The core__privileges_users table has the foreign key columns reversed defect critical 0.7.0 programming
#868 don't reload media page, use more ajax defect minor programming
#866 tour.html: typo defect minor documentation
#865 creation date in exif data breaks image display defect major 0.7.0 programming
#864 The verification token field is incorrectly filled defect major infrastructure
#861 Use STARTTLS when sending emails enhancement minor 0.7.0 programming
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