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Documentation should specify adding a mediagoblin group.

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It says to create the mediagoblin user with the --system option. Then it says to create the directory in srv and chown it to mediagoblin:mediagoblin. However when I do that, chown complains that it's an invalid group. From the adduser man page:

By default, system users are placed in the nogroup group. To place the new system user in an already existing group, use the --gid or --ingroup options. To place the new system user in a new group with the same ID, use the --group option.

Sounds like it doesn't automatically create a group.

I'm on Debian 7, perhaps it's different in a different distribution.

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comment:1 by Jim Campbell, 9 years ago

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Thanks for this report! It's very helpful!

I've fixed this with commit 6663dfa38ce394304c9b333a56597e7819befe11 . We've actually switched to user 'useradd' in place of 'adduser', as the latter is installed by default on Debian-based systems, but is not installed by default on Fedora systems. 'useradd' provides the same, overall functionality in this case, though, as we're just adding a system user.

We've included the '--user-group' option in the recommended command.

From the Ubuntu manpage for this option:

   -U, --user-group
           Create a group with the same name as the user, and add the user to
           this group.

           The default behavior (if the -g, -N, and -U options are not
           specified) is defined by the USERGROUPS_ENAB variable in

Thanks again for the report!

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