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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#8 Deployment via Silver LIning defect trivial programming
#24 smtp support for people who don't have an smtp server running defect minor programming
#29 Create a way to wipe an environment Will Kahn-Greene defect minor programming
#94 exif data handling for users defect trivial programming
#110 Direct Beaker integration defect minor programming
#138 ostatus breaks permissions and vice versa defect minor programming
#167 Update licensing policy so that Javascript files are LGPL Will Kahn-Greene defect minor programming
#241 Test fixture support defect minor programming
#243 Add minimized exception to javascript headers when we start adding them :) defect critical 0.3.0 programming
#271 Filename/no file selected label font color on Mac is black defect trivial ui
#309 Create activity entry timeline (OStatus) defect minor programming
#310 Create Atom feed from activity entry timeline (OStatus) defect minor programming
#322 You can't reply to a bug via a bug notification email defect minor programming
#357 "Add media" appears in the header of the "Add media" page defect minor programming
#454 Some videos not oriented correctly defect major programming
#473 test ticket defect major programming
#485 Make sure .ini files are CC0 defect minor programming
#517 Update OAuth plugin to RFC 6749-6750 defect major programming
#529 Video discovery is a common issue with video uploads defect critical programming
#544 Provide .url_for_self for the Base model defect minor programming
#670 Test handling of exceptions during meddleware response praveen97uma defect minor programming
#674 Celery should not fail if audiolab is not installed defect major programming
#677 Allow more characters in username defect trivial programming
#680 Uniqueness constraint on email addresses? defect major documentation
#694 test workflow ticket defect major programming
#736 Allow replying to trac emails to update ticket defect minor infrastructure
#748 bootstrap: Current checks for postgresql and sqlite programs instead of libs (with patch) defect major programming
#760 More Edit Account tests defect minor programming
#802 sitemap.xml generation defect major programming
#835 After registering with Mozilla Persona (BrowserID), page just keeps reloading defect major programming
#836 Unable to log out if logged in with a basic_auth user and Mozilla Persona (BrowserID) is enabled defect major programming
#841 Report Resolution Panel spelling error. defect minor graphic design/interface
#842 Typo: cancelled → canceled defect trivial graphic design/interface
#845 MediaGoblin in i2p network. defect major programming
#855 An authentic form of writing defect major programming
#914 Use named ForeignKeys in migrations defect critical 0.8.0 programming
#953 Skip tests know to fail under Python 2.6 defect minor programming
#966 Latest version of "Markdown" package is incompatible with Python 2.6 defect trivial 0.8.0 programming
#1013 0.7.1 not on pypi defect major infrastructure
#1033 (spam bug) defect major programming
#1041 Celery 3.1 is the last version to officially support Python 2.6 defect trivial programming
#1085 markdown in description defect major programming
#5060 The remote end hung up unexpectedly defect major infrastructure
#5085 Cannot register on this site defect major infrastructure
#5326 mediagoblin converts entered username to lower case defect minor programming
#5347 captcha test defect major programming
#5400 Pop-up message when hovering in footpage shows 0.8.0 despite being in 0.8.1 defect minor programming
#5410 Move back to paste defect major 0.9.0 programming
#5546 Server hardly hostable behind nginx proxy_pass and https defect major programming
#5547 Install Instructions Sphinx Error for Debian Jessie based distributions defect major documentation
#183 tag clouds enhancement minor programming
#340 E-mail messages should include IP address of the person who caused the mailing. enhancement trivial programming
#398 A way to download a file together with attribution/metadata, with convenient file names enhancement minor component1
#421 Support MySQL enhancement major programming
#459 Improve migration framework enhancement minor programming
#471 Consider using user_dev for mediagoblin.db by default enhancement minor programming
#482 Let the uploader choose a background color for the image (for images with transparency). enhancement trivial programming
#494 Use OpenWebFonts enhancement major graphic design/interface
#506 P2P distribution of content - self-hosted CDN (content distribution network) enhancement minor programming
#618 Improved theming override enhancement major programming
#625 Custom CSS/JS list in the ini enhancement major programming
#663 Enable submission by email (e-mail) enhancement major programming
#685 Big Migration Unit Test enhancement major programming
#710 Application-specific passwords enhancement major programming
#765 Make default license "Free culture" friendly enhancement major programming
#939 Move "Security Considerations" to "Considerations for Production Deployments" enhancement trivial documentation
#956 End to End Encryption enhancement major programming
#991 Unusual user menu in the top right enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#5050 Move paste.ini to paste.example.ini enhancement minor 0.8.0 infrastructure
#5388 mediagoblin v0.8.1 demo image (docker) enhancement major documentation
#49 document advanced celery/kombu configuration task minor documentation
#57 PIL vs imagemagick task trivial documentation
#311 Transform Atom feed into Activity Stream (OStatus) task minor programming
#347 Access to wiki on this site Christopher Allan Webber task trivial 0.2.1 documentation
#363 Apache FCGI documentation In Manual task minor documentation
#539 Make first created user an admin task major programming
#569 please do not commit .jar files to git (closure-compiler) task trivial programming
#803 federation - work together with D* community task critical programming
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