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Move back to paste

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It would seem Paste now supports Python3 (source here). If we move back we can solve some issues we are having with gunircorn such as the one in #978.

It would seem since version 2.0 of Paste it's had experemental python 3 support, the 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 build on that.

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comment:1 by berkerpeksag, 8 years ago

I wouldn't recommend Paste. It's really old and unmaintained. Moving away from Paste* projects would probably the best way to move forward MediaGoblin.

A pure-Python WSGI server like Gunicorn and Waitress would probably be a better choice since they are maintained, have good documentation and active support channels, support Python 3 for a long time and easy to install.

I'm also a Gunicorn core developer so I'm probably biased :)

comment:2 by Christopher Allan Webber, 8 years ago

. o O (I thought I commented on this? What happened!)

Anyway, here's my thoughts: *maybe* we should make gunicorn the official thing. Or maybe something else! But in the meanwhile, the lowest hanging fruit is, assuming Paste really does work on Python 3, to switch to Paste *for now* there. Then after this release we can see what other options work.

I think that'll make things easier to get out a stable release with clear docs?

comment:3 by Christopher Allan Webber, 8 years ago

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Well, I guess not! The Paste library still needs to land some patches for Python 3.0 compatibility.

Not to mention I'm seeing some serious exceptions when I try to run with Paste on Python 3.0. I don't anticipate this will be merged soon enough.

So we either need to move to gunicorn or something else I guess.

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