15:19 Ticket #547 (Need better PuSH mechanism) closed by spaetz
duplicate: Arrg, I discovered, we already have a ticket (#436) for this one. …
04:06 Ticket #552 (GMGTableBase uses default kwarg of {} in methods) created by nyergler
A few places in GMGTableBase have method definitions that look …


22:35 Ticket #551 (Create test that makes sure all migrations are sane) created by Christopher Allan Webber
We should have a unit test that instantiates the tables at their …
22:25 Ticket #550 (Fix missing constraint in recent migrations) created by Christopher Allan Webber
A recent migration added a table for the CollectionItem model but …
19:04 Ticket #390 ("Separate tags by commas" should be unnecessary) closed by Elrond
fixed: Merged spaetz' branch. Commit: fa2f6ba162
18:44 Ticket #514 (Incorrect OSM license) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Fixed! Closed with #410
17:52 Ticket #410 (Move full OpenStreetMap, Leaflet & Mapquest-copyright text from the ...) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: This looks great. I've merged it!


00:40 Ticket #549 (Allow users to revoke an OAuth access grant) created by nyergler
Users can currently authorize an application and view the applications …
00:37 Ticket #548 (Add support for token refresh to the OAuth plugin) created by nyergler
The OAuth plugin currently does not support token refresh, as …


00:10 Ticket #547 (Need better PuSH mechanism) created by spaetz
When we submit new media we send out the notification to the …


10:58 Ticket #546 (Embed hcard in user profile (we claim to have one)) created by spaetz
Currently our webfinger user reply <Link …


11:05 Ticket #545 (User().unicode() should be friendlier for templates) created by spaetz
Trying to simply put User objects in templates (or convert them to …
10:50 Ticket #544 (Provide .url_for_self for the Base model) created by spaetz
# We have to pass in an "urlgen" object to MediaEntry().url_for_self() …


22:55 Ticket #543 (atom feed IDs: reevalaute taguri) created by Elrond
Our atom feeds use taguris (RFC 4151). First thing to re-evaluate: Do …
01:47 Ticket #494 (Use OpenWebFonts) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
wontfix: I'm going to mark this as WONTFIX I think? It might actually be true …


20:23 Ticket #542 (Celeryd yields an error and then stops processing uploads) created by thelovebug
So I've uploaded a file to my instance, but it's totally ignoring it.. …
13:33 Ticket #448 (SQLAlchemy session error [was: JPG upload fails]) reopened by Jakob Kramer
It still does not work. Try with the image I referenced above.


11:33 Ticket #541 (Use versioned API URLs) created by spaetz
The API development is phantastic, but it is bound to evolve and …


09:32 Ticket #540 (Add "delete" function to MediaEntry) created by spaetz
Just working on issue 302 (Delete your own account), noticing that …


20:27 Ticket #539 (Make first created user an admin) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
wontfix: I don't think this is a good idea. I might be setting up a …
20:18 Ticket #539 (Make first created user an admin) created by spaetz
Currently there is no way to make someone admin but to fudge with SQL …
20:13 Ticket #538 (Return 403 (forbidden) rather than 404 (not found) when looking at ...) created by spaetz
When ernot being an admin all admin pages come up as 404 (not found) …
15:58 Ticket #537 (Show what version number a site is running in footer hover text) created by Christopher Allan Webber
schendje came up with this good solution to having version numbers in …


14:51 Ticket #475 (Checkbox for email notifications sits above its label) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Merged, pushed, closed. Thanks LotusEcho & Spaetz!
14:27 Ticket #376 (Body text sticks out beyond frame on http://mediagoblin.org/404) closed by Jef van Schendel
invalid: I haven't seen this issue appear since then. Closing the ticket.
10:12 Ticket #422 (Header drop-down disappears when clicked) closed by Jef van Schendel
invalid: Closing because the drop-down has been removed.
09:56 Ticket #432 (Upload media button should be more visible) closed by spaetz
fixed: schendje told me the drop down menu has gone and the add media button …
09:38 Ticket #479 (Hovering over an image makes the pointer icon “enlarge”/“zoom in”, ...) closed by spaetz
fixed: Yes, this commit fixed the bug, confirming. Closing ticket as fixed.


22:39 Ticket #536 (GNU Coding Standards-compliant configure script & Makefile) created by Brandon Invergo
According to the GNU Coding Standards, all GNU projects should have a …


20:49 Ticket #535 (Some files cause a mystery error - MakerNote Tag 0x0001) created by Mark Holmquist
This file was troublesome, for some reason. It is pretty big, but I'm …
07:30 Ticket #534 (Use accesskeys in the forms) created by Mark Holmquist
See, e.g., the MediaWiki edit interface. Shift+alt+s will submit the …


09:24 Ticket #533 (Simplify/Robustify thumbnail usage for template designers) created by spaetz
This is pre-work for the PDF media type handling which is supposed to …


10:55 Ticket #532 (Show creation date (extract from EXIF)) created by tryggvib
== Short description == Add an option to make the creation date (as …


18:04 Ticket #508 (You shouldn't have to upload a whole file to find out mediagoblin ...) reopened by bigjust
17:56 Ticket #508 (You shouldn't have to upload a whole file to find out mediagoblin ...) closed by bigjust


22:01 Ticket #531 (Compression Options for Images) created by Duncan
Currently the resized images are quite heavily artefacted. It would be …


10:52 Ticket #530 (Airy: audio player’s time indicator is low-contrast) created by Aleksej
See the bottom-right angle of the player at …


21:18 Ticket #529 (Video discovery is a common issue with video uploads) created by joar
The usual point of failure when uploading a video seems to be the …
16:21 Ticket #528 (pagination fails from user page) created by ronny
I experienced a problem, when trying to go to the second page of a …
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