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A way to link to a position in a video/audio (timestamp)

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comment:2 by NattilyPidgin, 11 years ago

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I want to do this! I'm going to read up on the articles that you posted and also some of the werkzeug.routing docs. If anyone has any other advice lemme know, it'd be my first non-bitesized task!

comment:3 by NattilyPidgin, 11 years ago

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I want to submit this work I've done so far as part of my application for gsoc and OPW, so here's the link to my implementation which I believe works for audio files. I added some to you UI, to mark when a portion starts and ends, so if anything I've done is too much, let me know and I can scale back. I think I left very extensive reports in my commit messages, so feel free to read those, and let me know if those overly detailed reports are not useful ---new to this!

I am continuing to work on the video portion of this ticket, just am not sure that I'll have it done quite as quickly.

comment:4 by Christopher Allan Webber, 11 years ago

Cool, I will look at this in a few!

One initial comment: looks like you branched on this off of branch #660, which means it contained your commits from the other branch. It's best to branch off of master so as to keep the features you're adding isolated to each feature branch. (It's an easy mistake to make though!)

comment:5 by Christopher Allan Webber, 11 years ago

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comment:6 by Christopher Allan Webber, 11 years ago

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Sorry on taking so long to reply to this and then having such a lame response.

npigeon, could you help me out here? I'm trying to figure out how to use this. I don't see the controls to where I can link to a specific portion in the interface? I must be missing something obvious, but I really don't see the controls anywhere...

Feel free to ping me on IRC if that helps. Also, I'm cc'ing Joar who has a better sense of how this stuff works than I do. I'm passing back to you, when you update with that info, could you please re-mark it for review? Thanks! Sorry if I'm being daft :)

comment:7 by NattilyPidgin, 11 years ago

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Alright, so as I mentioned on IRC, I was not sure whether I was qualified to do an addition to the UI for one of my first contributions, so I left that part out.

The git push I posted already includes the functionality to link to a portion (with start and/or end limits) in an audio file only by manually entering a url with a url fragment at the end.

The url fragments are in this format:
start-time/end-time can be in (hh):mm:ss format or simply in an integer of seconds

comment:8 by NattilyPidgin, 10 years ago

Status: reviewaccepted

I unfortunately lost all the code for this branch because I was cleaning up my git repos, and had assumed that this was reviewed and merged, and only found out after the deletion that it had not been reviewed. I'll reopen the ticket, but anyone who wants to pick it up, feel free to ping me on irc for advice, my handle's tillyq.

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