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Donation page uncertainty

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Hi everyone,

Apologies in advance for raising this as a ticket if it's inappropriate. I couldn't find a direct contact for the project so this seemed like a next-best place to put it.

I just donated to the FSF campaign to support MediaGoblin, which I think is an excellent idea. I did however notice that on this page:

The "What We'll Do With Your Money" is a bit vague. It says you'll keep donors informed, but it doesn't say what you'll actually spend the money on.

This raised a bit of a flag for me. I've been burned before by an optimistic-sounding free software kickstarter which took my money and never delivered anything tangible. Not to suggest that's what you plan to do (nor do I actually think that the kickstarter planned to do that themselves), but it's always something I keep in mind.

The only reason I personally decided to donate was that I found the FSF press release, which did say what you're going to spend the money on:

"If they reach their goal, the team will use the money to support a full-time project lead to organize volunteers and advance the project to a professional level. With this support and more hard work, Webber estimates that MediaGoblin will be ready for widespread use within a year."

I think it would be really awesome if you could put something along those lines on the donation page as well, so people can see what they're giving money to be spent on. With some luck it might increase the donation rate. :)

Good luck, I hope you reach your goal.



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Heya Angus,

Thanks for opening this bug. I totally understand what you mean about being burned on overly-optimistic campaigns in the past. I've updated the page: it's very explicitly clear how the money will be used.

So one thing about going with the FSF as a nonprofit is that we actually *can't* take the money and run... we have to prove that we're doing the work in order to get it. So you can be assured: the money you donate will be put to good use.

I hope that helps! Thanks for supporting MediaGoblin!

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