17:32 Ticket #502 (Online/downloadable video has “640p” in its name, but 640 is the ...) closed by rodney757
fixed: The 640p was removed from the filename when the reprocessing framework …


16:32 Milestone 0.5.0 completed
16:24 Ticket #767 (First point under "do this to upgrade" in release notes is something ...) created by Mike Linksvayer
There seems to be a missing step: > Do this to upgrade > > 1. Make …
15:49 Ticket #764 (Improve checkbox wording) closed by rodney757
fixed: This was merged before the release.


21:02 Ticket #766 ("accoutn" instead of "account") closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Fixed. Thanks for catching :)
20:16 Ticket #766 ("accoutn" instead of "account") created by tryggvib
In mediagoblin/auth/views.py:340 the string says: "You are no longer …
13:23 Ticket #765 (Make default license "Free culture" friendly) created by spaetz
Defaults matter! Most users will pick whatever is the default. Right …
12:56 Ticket #764 (Improve checkbox wording) created by spaetz
Please review and pull my branch fix_wording from my repo at …
12:54 Ticket #763 (Fix plugin documentation) closed by spaetz
fixed: This has been merged by Christopher.
09:47 Ticket #763 (Fix plugin documentation) created by spaetz
Please review and pull my branch fix_docs from my repo at …


18:35 Ticket #762 (simplify user.html) created by spaetz
When looking at user.html in order to have plugins insert content, I …


11:54 Ticket #761 ([Python 2.6] OrderedDict ImportError) created by rsd
When using Python 2.6, the ./bin/gmg dbupdate command throws an …


20:49 Ticket #760 (More Edit Account tests) created by rodney757
We should create tests for the edit account view.


09:54 Ticket #758 (Fix skip_transcoding) created by Beuc
Fix bad copy/paste in the code.


17:11 Ticket #757 (Video upload ignored) created by Beuc
I tried to upload this video : …
09:08 Ticket #756 (Video pane dimensions in VJS skins are too small) created by saul
The video pane dimensions in static/css/vjs-mg-skin.css are set to …


18:34 Ticket #735 (Move change email to it own view) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Works perfectly. Merged into 0.5.0!


19:30 Ticket #706 (New notifications) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Looks great. I merged it! Nice work Joar and Rodney on this! …


19:38 Ticket #420 (Reprocess failed uploads) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: This is both merged... AND AWESOME!
14:11 Ticket #755 ("possibly undefined macro: AC_MSG_ERROR" is breaking the pyconfigure method) created by Christopher Allan Webber
On a fresh wheezy install with the normal mediagoblin dependencies as …


13:53 Ticket #488 (Make MediaGoblin work with latest celery, kombu) closed by rodney757
fixed: So I used the celery stuff out of this branch and addressed cwebber's …


17:05 Ticket #732 (celeryconfig module not found when running dbupdate) closed by rodney757
fixed: cwebb pushed a temp fix for this. #752
15:53 Ticket #314 (Mozilla Persona (BrowserID) support) closed by rodney757
fixed: merged


21:18 Ticket #754 (consider adding WAI-ARIA attributes to the header dropdown) created by Aleksej
I don't understand what I'm doing, but here is a patch that adds …
16:55 Ticket #753 (better redirect after delete confirm) closed by rodney757
fixed: So I merged the redirect commit. The other commit i didn't merge. If …


12:50 Ticket #753 (better redirect after delete confirm) created by alon
The current behavior is to return to the user view. That loses …


16:08 Ticket #419 (MediaGoblin can't handle (upload?) Large files) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Without more info we can't be sure that it's related to this ticket though.


22:11 Ticket #738 (reverse proxy mg.org/irclogs to ...) closed by Simon Fondrie-Teitler
21:01 Ticket #752 (Refactoring notifications to more cleanly hook into application) created by Christopher Allan Webber
Right now, notifications' tooling are kind of "special case"'ed into …


17:40 Ticket #751 (vague website) created by karl anliot
I want to start out using mediagoblin but I can't because the …
11:14 Ticket #750 (Support subtitles for video and audio) created by Aleksej
09:15 Ticket #749 (With JS, videos can be (un)paused only with mouse; without JS, only ...) created by Aleksej


01:45 Ticket #748 (bootstrap: Current configure.ac checks for postgresql and sqlite ...) created by Amirouche


23:42 Ticket #666 (Resubmitting a new photo with a deleted photo's name shows the old photo) closed by rodney757
invalid: Ah, so this tripped me up for a little bit, but the reason if because …
21:43 Ticket #691 (Travis intergration) closed by Emily O'Leary
fixed: We set up Jenkins (what Travis is built on) since it can play nice …
21:12 Ticket #747 (typofix and improve runtests.sh) created by Amirouche
- Ask the user to install *pytest* if it's not found - report back to …
17:34 Ticket #746 (Recommend users of patent-endorsing Web browsers to install a Xiph.Org ...) created by P. J. McDermott
As discussed on IRC, some Web browsers (Apple Safari and Microsoft …
01:32 Ticket #492 (comment preview) closed by rodney757
fixed: Great! Merged. Thank you.


23:21 Ticket #418 (Leave slug empty until we are sure media processing was successful) closed by rodney757
fixed: Merged Thanks!
23:13 Ticket #708 (allow user configuration for jinja2 extensions) closed by rodney757
fixed: Merged! Thanks for this.
22:54 Ticket #716 (Wrong permissions for videos) closed by rodney757
fixed: Great! Merged! Thanks for this.
16:59 Ticket #536 (GNU Coding Standards-compliant configure script & Makefile) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: We moved to readthedocs. So I merged this! Horray!
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