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Check if header levels on the main page make sense (suggest changing to the same level)

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The main page contains two headers:

  • <h1> "Hi there, welcome to this MediaGoblin site!"
  • <h2> "Most recent media".

That means the latter is a subsection of the former.

Does that make sense?

Between h1 and h2, there are a welcoming text and "create account" and "set up your own instance" links. If that section is just a welcome/intro section, then the "Most recent media" being a part of it means it is just an example for new or returning users, and not a stand-alone part of the site.

Maybe it would make more sense for the headers to be of the same level.

This may be of importance to screen reader users, at least:

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Hi Alexsej,

Thanks for raising this. I've been having a think about these headings and I don't think there's a significant accessibility issue here. My thinking here is that if you were to browse a list of the headings only (with body text hidden), I can't put my finger on a scenario where people would be confused - there's only two headings and the nesting isn't aweful. For instance, if it were the other way around, <h1>Most recent media</h1>...<h2>Welcome...</h2>, that would be confusing.

I can certainly imagine some enhancements to make this page more useful, (eg1. configurable site title "Webber Goblin Gallery" rather than "Welcome to this MediaGoblin site", eg2. add "create account" link to top menu so it's easier to find through a screen reader), but those are not really related to this specific ticket.

I'll close this ticket for now, but feel free to re-open if there's more to discuss. Sorry, by the way about setting the resolution to "invalid" above - it's the best of a bad lot of resolution keywords.


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