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#5624 Cannot use sqlalchemy >= 1.4.0: set_models_as_attributes() troubles major programming defect new 12/23/20
#5623 im unable to play videos after disableing transcoding major graphic design/interface 1.0 defect new 07/22/20
#5622 Doc update - pyexiv2 minor documentation defect new 06/03/20
#5621 Video media type not working critical programming defect new 06/01/20
#5620 Download link missing on 0.10 major programming defect new 05/18/20
#5619 Modernise gallery listings major programming enhancement new 05/16/20
#5618 Add some example config trivial programming enhancement new 05/16/20
#5617 Private mode major programming enhancement new 05/16/20
#5616 Update Leaflet.js, jQuery, Video.js - heck, check and upgrade them all! critical programming 0.11.0 defect new 05/16/20
#5615 Find out about the package.json mentioned in extlib/README minor programming defect new 05/16/20
#5614 Document setup of single virtualenv/multiple MediaGoblin instances minor documentation defect new 05/16/20
#5613 Configuration for default video quality minor programming defect accepted 05/13/20
#5612 Atom feed shows bad web link major documentation defect new 05/13/20
#5611 Upgrade issue from 0.9 to 0.10 minor programming enhancement new 05/13/20
#5608 After upgrade to 0.10.0 restarting marks all items as "failed" major programming defect new 05/07/20
#5606 Hook up lightbox effect for images minor graphic design/interface defect new 05/01/20
#5605 Atom feed compatibility with podcatchers minor programming enhancement new 04/30/20
#5604 Enabling audio and video marks all previous uploads as failed minor programming 0.11.0 defect new 04/29/20
#5603 Error when running dbupdate after adding audio media-type major programming defect new 04/29/20
#5601 Mention HTTPS in deployment docs minor documentation 0.11.0 defect new 04/28/20
#5600 Mention a mail server in deployment docs minor documentation 0.11.0 defect new 04/28/20
#5599 Celery requires python3-gi and python3-gst-1.0 even when audio/video not enabled major programming 0.11.0 defect new 04/28/20
#5594 Remove audio spectrograms (cleanup now unused code) minor programming 0.11.0 defect new 04/24/20
#5588 Make mediagoblin.org work on small screens minor graphic design/interface defect new 04/09/20
#5586 My somewhat prioritised Mediagoblin wish list major programming enhancement new 04/02/20
#5574 Continuous integration (CI) testing for MediaGoblin minor programming enhancement accepted 11/10/18
#5568 LDAP Plguin doesn't work well with Active Directory minor programming enhancement review 04/11/18
#5567 Allowing setting per-user upload limits trivial programming enhancement new 04/10/18
#5566 Display uploaded file size sum vs upload limit minor programming enhancement new 04/10/18
#5565 Display file size of uploaded media trivial programming enhancement new 04/10/18
#5564 Show unprocessed media in processing panel major programming defect review 04/09/18
#5558 apache config files on wiki don't work major programming defect new 01/31/18
#5556 a 'make' invocation following one that fails to install "wheel" skips python packages installation major programming defect accepted 01/23/18
#5549 python3 password check does not work major programming defect new 11/13/17
#5544 Orphaned notifications critical programming defect review 11/04/17
#5535 Remove unused local variables trivial programming task review 10/15/17
#5529 "Newer" and "Older" page link captions are incorrect for Collection view minor graphic design/interface 0.11.0 defect new 09/27/17
#5528 xss in videojs-swf major programming defect new 09/27/17
#5523 Requires pyexiv2 unavailable for Python 3.x critical programming 0.11.0 defect accepted 08/27/17
#5522 Add pixel to test_exif_image_orientation trivial programming defect review 08/14/17
#5520 celery has wrong broker in config files major programming defect new 07/28/17
#5516 upload transcode fails on mp3 or ogg major programming defect new 07/02/17
#5512 Disable Mozilla Persona plugin trivial programming defect review 06/19/17
#5510 Comments lost when navigating to next/previous media minor programming defect new 06/01/17
#5509 Video with lower dimensions gets transcoded to higher dimensions major programming 0.11.0 defect new 05/29/17
#5507 [python, setuptools] module 'setuptools.dist' [...] has no 'check_specifier' attribute major programming defect new 05/21/17
#5504 Support alternate URL prefixes minor programming enhancement new 04/24/17
#5503 Move federation code to ActivityPub spec major programming 1.0 enhancement Christopher Allan Webber in_progress 04/11/17
#5502 Does not work with LibreJS major graphic design/interface defect Andreas Nilsson in_progress 03/20/17
#5494 Use gi.require_version('GstPbutils', '1.0') before importing GstPbutils trivial programming defect review 02/09/17
#5492 Handle errors in case of unsuccessful commenting minor programming defect new 01/29/17
#5491 Enhancements for the media-processing panel major programming enhancement new 11/05/16
#5489 user_ldap: Log something on failure due to SSL problems minor programming enhancement new 11/03/16
#5488 Feature: Email/notifications: allow to follow user/collection/tag/everything major programming enhancement new 10/22/16
#5487 Feature: allow to rotate media after upload major programming enhancement new 10/22/16
#5486 Mark all read does not mark all read major programming defect new 10/22/16
#5485 Audio player controls not announced to Orca screenreader major graphic design/interface defect accepted 10/18/16
#5483 audio player is not accessible with screen readers major graphic design/interface defect accepted 10/17/16
#5482 mediagoblin-licenses is no longer on PyPi minor programming defect new 10/12/16
#5480 WebTorrent minor programming enhancement new 10/06/16
#5477 Browse all media minor programming enhancement new 09/21/16
#5474 Switch assert statements into proper exceptions major programming 0.11.0 defect new 09/08/16
#5473 Add detailed failure message to user and admin processing panels major programming 0.11.0 enhancement new 09/07/16
#5463 Allow deleting failed media from processing panel minor programming enhancement new 07/23/16
#5456 Add IPFS peer-to-peer based storage backend minor programming enhancement new 04/04/16
#5454 Add more translatable strings in blog plugin minor programming defect new 04/03/16
#5452 Slow gmg command minor programming enhancement accepted 03/31/16
#5449 UnicodeEncodeError with non-ASCII characters in comment emails minor programming defect accepted 03/29/16
#5447 Make disabling plugins less tricky major programming defect new 03/28/16
#5444 Implement 'type_match_handler' hook for all core media types major programming defect ayleph in_progress 03/23/16
#5443 Theater mode for videos in MediaGoblin major graphic design/interface enhancement review 03/21/16
#5439 Use state other than "failed" to indicate draft blog posts minor programming defect new 03/07/16
#5438 Address problems with blog mediatype major programming task new 03/06/16
#5437 blog media_type uses inconsistent naming major programming defect ayleph in_progress 03/03/16
#5434 Lightbox effect for images minor graphic design/interface enhancement accepted 03/02/16
#5430 admin media processing panel should be the same as user one minor programming 0.11.0 enhancement new 02/29/16
#5428 "Add media" and "Create new collection" placing minor graphic design/interface enhancement new 02/28/16
#5418 Fix the look of media type icon minor graphic design/interface 0.11.0 enhancement new 02/16/16
#5417 Add more type icons minor graphic design/interface 0.11.0 defect new 02/16/16
#5407 Video thumbnailer won't work anymore major programming defect new 01/24/16
#5405 Content Security Policy minor programming enhancement new 01/22/16
#5404 X-Frame-Options for admin/moderator views major programming defect review 01/22/16
#5392 Add ability to disable uploads of media type while retaining existing media of that type minor programming enhancement new 01/15/16
#5381 API inbox.major queries faulty major programming defect new 12/27/15
#5380 API limits outbox queries past 20 major programming defect new 12/27/15
#5378 video area does not fit height when video is not transcoded minor graphic design/interface defect new 12/21/15
#5376 Comment links cause server errors with recent migrations minor programming 1.0 defect Boris Bobrov in_progress 12/18/15
#5370 LDAP User Filter minor programming enhancement new 12/07/15
#5365 Some improvements to collections views major programming enhancement Jessica Tallon in_progress 12/06/15
#5364 "p" pump.io client doesn't seem to upload images minor programming defect new 12/01/15
#5361 Allow continuing where left off in csv for batchaddmedia minor programming enhancement new 11/22/15
#5360 Adding Collections to addmedia and batchaddmedia, and tags to batchaddmedia. minor programming enhancement review 11/21/15
#5352 Automatically create local users on successful LDAP authentication minor programming defect new 10/11/15
#5351 Add “private” setting to limit media view/access to logged-in users minor graphic design/interface enhancement new 10/10/15
#5350 More notifications options minor programming enhancement new 10/10/15
#5346 Unclear copyright of extlib/thingiview.js major programming defect new 08/22/15
#5341 mg-dev-environments repository needs migration to Savannah minor infrastructure task new 08/04/15
#5334 Playing MediaGoblin music on smartphones seems problematic? major programming defect new 07/02/15
#5328 White/blacklisting mimetypes in attachments and check file size major programming enhancement molgrum in_progress 06/23/15
#5324 Sql alchemy doesn't handle broken databases minor programming enhancement new 06/12/15
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