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Video with lower dimensions gets transcoded to higher dimensions

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I uploaded a video with (256, 144) dimensions, and changed the max default size (that a video can be transcoded to) to (1920, 1080). And, to my surprise, the video actually got transcoded to those dimensions.

So, when I viewed it on my local machine, there was zero padding (black colour) added to the top and bottom of the video to be in that resolution (dimensions).

These are the images:

I checked skip_transcode() method myself, and I realized the dimensionality check was working fine, but there was a problem with container-formats (not sure if it is a problem).

Basically, the video had 'ISO-MP4' container-format but mediagoblin config container-format string only allowed 'Matroska' container-format, and because of this the video was getting transcoded again (even though all other checks were fine).

Shall we remove this container-format check? Or add more container-formats to the config?


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comment:1 Changed 3 years ago by ayleph

Why not leave the container format check as it is? That's a configuration option, so anyone can change it on their own instance. I think it's currently set to a reasonable default value. Maybe it would be good to document the video plugin options better so people know that they can change it.

comment:2 Changed 4 months ago by Ben Sturmfels

Cc: paroneayea removed

Hi Vijeth,

Would you be willing to propose a patch to achieve the behavior you're expecting here?


comment:3 Changed 4 months ago by Ben Sturmfels

Hmm. I suspect that the issue tracker isn't sending email to the reporter by default. I'll look into this.

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