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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#212 Use werkzeug as a caching abstraction layer (was: «use beaker») review defect major
#220 RTL (right-to-left) language support. accepted defect minor
#344 Properly localize dates/times accepted defect minor
#382 If video support is turned off after videos have been uploaded, videos are still shown and cause an error when clicked in_progress Ben Sturmfels defect minor
#417 JavaScripts and WTForms messages are not translated accepted defect major
#418 Leave slug empty until we are sure media processing was successful accepted defect major
#465 Cannot delete attachments accepted defect major
#508 You shouldn't have to upload a whole file to find out mediagoblin doesn't support it accepted defect major
#546 Embed hcard in user profile (we claim to have one) new defect minor
#576 Evaluate Cloudfiles write() method. Borked for chunked writes? new defect major
#612 MediaFile deletion bails on with missing files on cloudfiles new defect major
#619 "-- Select --" at the "Add media to collection" page cannot be translated/localized new defect minor
#627 URL redirect after login breaks with URL encoded characters new defect major
#644 When celery is not running but CELERY_ALWAYS_EAGER=false, media do not show up under "Media in Processing" new defect major
#728 Collection page shows thumbnails in reverse order in_progress Boris Bobrov defect major
#743 Avoid crash when loading STL media without Blender in the server in_progress Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva defect minor
#749 With JS, videos can be (un)paused only with mouse; without JS, only with keyboard new defect minor
#752 Refactoring notifications to more cleanly hook into application new defect minor
#756 Video pane dimensions in VJS skins are too small new defect minor
#772 browser warning when you try to close mb when active editing new defect major
#823 Ugly previews of scaled indexed images accepted defect minor
#838 Moderation: report panel: "Action Taken" shows a date in the past (report date?). new defect major
#848 decide what to do about mediagoblin/source/extlib/freesound/ in_progress Simon Fondrie-Teitler defect major
#853 No RTL layout for document pages new defect minor
#867 home_goblin.png is hard-coded to the /mgoblin_static path new defect minor
#890 Cannot detect zh_TW and zh_CN due to language list change in babel new defect major
#911 configure: error: Python Imaging Library is required new defect minor
#917 Comment notifications are sent in the sender's language setting new defect minor
#924 LDAP authentication: configurable user attribute (currently: always 'uid') new defect minor
#926 LDAP authentication: use RFC 2255 LDAP URLs for more flexibility new defect minor
#941 OpenID fails with https site new defect major
#958 Spectrogram thumbnail creation fails with non-local file storage new defect major
#973 Re-enable check_db_up_to_date() in after fixing session issues in_progress Christopher Allan Webber defect critical
#976 Bring back the ascii goblin new defect minor 0.11.0
#1004 Videoplayer has wrong height for videos with width>640 accepted defect major
#1006 CSRF cookie not set if visiting a media page directly new defect major
#1014 Skeleton required for using mediagoblin, but not included in pypi new defect major
#1029 When uploading media, silently fails in the web interface, and AttributeError("'NoneType' object has no attribute 'processing_metadata'",): new defect major
#1061 Media gets stuck in processing new defect major
#1063 Impeller should upload photos accepted defect major 1.0
#1073 'audio' objectType is not accepted. new defect minor
#1084 warnings after startup accepted defect minor
#5061 Reporting media does not produce email or notification new defect minor
#5064 Add option to override ./configure'd virtualenv new defect trivial
#5316 disallow creating blog post without title in_progress ayleph defect major
#5318 cannot write mode P as JPEG accepted defect minor
#5334 Playing MediaGoblin music on smartphones seems problematic? new defect major
#5346 Unclear copyright of extlib/thingiview.js new defect major
#5352 Automatically create local users on successful LDAP authentication new defect minor
#5364 "p" client doesn't seem to upload images new defect minor
#5376 Comment links cause server errors with recent migrations in_progress Boris Bobrov defect minor 1.0
#5380 API limits outbox queries past 20 new defect major
#5381 API inbox.major queries faulty new defect major
#5404 X-Frame-Options for admin/moderator views review defect major
#5407 Video thumbnailer won't work anymore new defect major
#5437 blog media_type uses inconsistent naming in_progress ayleph defect major
#5439 Use state other than "failed" to indicate draft blog posts new defect minor
#5444 Implement 'type_match_handler' hook for all core media types in_progress ayleph defect major
#5447 Make disabling plugins less tricky new defect major
#5449 UnicodeEncodeError with non-ASCII characters in comment emails accepted defect minor
#5454 Add more translatable strings in blog plugin new defect minor
#5474 Switch assert statements into proper exceptions new defect major 0.11.0
#5482 mediagoblin-licenses is no longer on PyPi new defect minor
#5486 Mark all read does not mark all read new defect major
#5492 Handle errors in case of unsuccessful commenting new defect minor
#5494 Use gi.require_version('GstPbutils', '1.0') before importing GstPbutils review defect trivial
#5507 [python, setuptools] module 'setuptools.dist' [...] has no 'check_specifier' attribute new defect major
#5509 Video with lower dimensions gets transcoded to higher dimensions new defect major 0.11.0
#5510 Comments lost when navigating to next/previous media new defect minor
#5512 Disable Mozilla Persona plugin review defect trivial
#5516 upload transcode fails on mp3 or ogg new defect major
#5520 celery has wrong broker in config files new defect major
#5522 Add pixel to test_exif_image_orientation review defect trivial
#5523 Requires pyexiv2 unavailable for Python 3.x accepted defect critical 0.11.0
#5528 xss in videojs-swf new defect major
#5544 Orphaned notifications review defect critical
#5549 python3 password check does not work new defect major
#5556 a 'make' invocation following one that fails to install "wheel" skips python packages installation accepted defect major
#5558 apache config files on wiki don't work new defect major
#5564 Show unprocessed media in processing panel review defect major
#5594 Remove audio spectrograms (cleanup now unused code) new defect minor 0.11.0
#5599 Celery requires python3-gi and python3-gst-1.0 even when audio/video not enabled new defect major 0.11.0
#5603 Error when running dbupdate after adding audio media-type new defect major
#5604 Enabling audio and video marks all previous uploads as failed new defect minor 0.11.0
#5608 After upgrade to 0.10.0 restarting marks all items as "failed" new defect major
#5610 Re-Enable Audio Spectrogram for Python 3 new defect major
#5613 Configuration for default video quality accepted defect minor
#5615 Find out about the package.json mentioned in extlib/README new defect minor
#5616 Update Leaflet.js, jQuery, Video.js - heck, check and upgrade them all! new defect critical 0.11.0
#5620 Download link missing on 0.10 new defect major
#5621 Video media type not working new defect critical
#82 "safety level"/ or some type of data for (mature) content moderation accepted enhancement minor
#126 sharing and permissions accepted enhancement minor
#162 add quoting support to tagging accepted enhancement minor
#164 Consider cache "table" accepted enhancement trivial
#207 Add tag list to user profile accepted enhancement minor
#227 add multi-tag views accepted enhancement minor
#229 import from flickr -> mediagoblin accepted enhancement trivial
#234 Add RDFa to HTML output accepted enhancement minor
#247 Add a language selector accepted enhancement minor
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