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Move Columns from MediaEntry to ProcessingMetaData

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There is a new table for data used while (or at the end of) processing. It's currently only used for the callback url. We should use it for more things. So I propose to move various columns from MediaEntry into ProcessingMetaData.

Possible columns:

  • transcoding_progress
  • queued_task_id
  • queued_media_file (*)
  • fail_error (*)
  • fail_metadata (*)

After a successful processing, none of these are needed.
After a failed processing, those with (*) might be needed for various reasons. We should rethink that part maybe anyway.

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comment:2 by Elrond, 9 years ago

The columns without star should be quite easy for someone, who wants to start on database related work.

  • Remove old columns from MediaEntry
  • Add new columns to ProcessingMetaData
  • Fix all references (using grep and unit tests should get you there)

Finally get help on IRC for writing the database migration, because that one will be more complex, as you might need to migrate the data in the columns.

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