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An option to use uploaded audio/video file “as is”, without transcoding

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Sometimes a video or audio file is uploaded in a format used by GMG for publishing files, but GMG transcodes the file anyway. That makes sense for security and possibly privacy, but sometimes it’s more of a waste of resources.

Proposal: an option to let files be used without transcoding.

  • Use that way only video files up to certain dimensions (compared to the target dimensions), maybe also considering the file size (files with big video dimensions may still be OK if the file size is small).
  • Transcode only the data that is not in the target format. Thus an Ogg/Vorbis file becomes WebM/Vorbis without transcoding.
  • For security reasons, the option should probably be disabled server-side by default. Maybe (in the future) enable it for particular users or user groups.

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comment:1 by Odin Hørthe Omdal (Velmont), 12 years ago

Cc: odin.omdal@… added

comment:2 by Aleksej, 10 years ago

Priority: trivialminor

This is probably pretty important, even major if you consider sites that have a bigger video frame, and people who upload smaller versions intentionally.

comment:3 by Aleksej, 10 years ago says "Permit pre-encoded uploads to eliminate server-side processing (available as of 0.3.3)". How well does it fit this ticket, and how complete is it?

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