19:54 Ticket #736 (Allow replying to trac emails to update ticket) closed by Simon Fondrie-Teitler
19:38 Ticket #787 (Instructions should include a recommendation that users check signatures) created by anongoblin
On …
19:33 Ticket #786 (Recommend https:// URLs, not git:// URLs.) created by anongoblin
Please consider updating the mediagoblin website and documentation to …
19:33 WikiStart edited by Simon Fondrie-Teitler
19:26 Ticket #785 (Avoid non-https logins) created by anongoblin
It would be cool if this trac instance didn't permit non-https access, …
19:21 Ticket #784 (Visual indication of media type on gallery page thumbnails) created by anongoblin
On a gallery with both images and videos, it would be cool to have a …
18:43 Ticket #783 (bin/gmg command adduser generates a minor unnecessary error) created by NattilyPidgin
Whenever bin/gmg adduser is used, a minor error is raised because …
17:10 Ticket #782 (Spectogram should be created client side) created by Simon Fondrie-Teitler
Mediagoblin should get the the data use in the spectrogram from the …
17:00 Ticket #781 (Command Line Upload) created by Emily O'Leary
I'm working on to add a command line upload command to the …
16:57 Ticket #495 (Central calendar for contributor dates) closed by Simon Fondrie-Teitler
fixed: There are no good calendars for mediawiki that I can find. The are …
16:48 Ticket #690 (Enable 'relate to' plugin in trac) closed by Simon Fondrie-Teitler
fixed: Yay, it works. I'm closing the ticket. For the record, the plugin is …


18:37 Ticket #762 (simplify user.html) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Nice simplification! Merged into master! :)


19:50 Ticket #780 (Video player uses wrong dimensions for pane size) created by saul
Prior to upgrading to MG 0.6dev, video media pages displayed large …


23:36 Ticket #779 (Feature Request: SwarmPlayer embed) created by G4JC
I have found Swarmplayer to be quite an interesting concept and may be …
21:58 Ticket #778 (Error while clicking on "Edit" buttons) created by Mathieu MD
I installed MG following …


13:59 Ticket #777 (Not possible to edit collection item notes) created by spaetz
When adding media to a collection one can add a note. Currently there …
13:52 Ticket #776 (Collections gallery needs better headings) created by spaetz
All media galleries show the media title underneath, not so the …


18:17 Ticket #775 (confirm on exit when uploading) created by yair99


02:17 Ticket #773 (mediagoblin ascii art broken) created by vlado
2013-09-22 02:15:45,713 INFO [celery.worker.consumer] Got task from …


02:16 Ticket #557 (RIP out Mongo support) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: This is done, I'm pretty sure. Closing!
02:09 Ticket #357 ("Add media" appears in the header of the "Add media" page) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
wontfix: Agreed, I'm closing this out. Not worth the time/extra code.


16:37 Ticket #118 (Provide option to limit upload size) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Okay, now I merged the right branch. That one Just Worked. Whew! …
16:01 Ticket #118 (Provide option to limit upload size) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Merged!
16:00 Ticket #89 (Ability to restrict diskspace per user) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Merged! :D


23:49 Ticket #772 (browser warning when you try to close mb when active editing) created by yair99
mb needs a warning when you try to close it with upload in background. …
13:06 Ticket #771 (gstreamer 1.0 branch (was: could not get any video data from playbin)) created by Danilo Tomasoni
[…] this is the error I get on a newly installed mg 0.5.0 OS: …


02:00 Ticket #770 (New video.js (was: XSS vulnerability)) created by Abandoned
VideoJS has XSS vulnerability …


13:06 Ticket #769 (I tried send comment and got -> Server Error) created by vlado


12:55 Ticket #768 ("Deploying MediaGoblin" manual tells to "adduser --system", meaning no ...) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
wontfix: I understand what you're saying, but I believe this is a feature. …


16:14 Ticket #768 ("Deploying MediaGoblin" manual tells to "adduser --system", meaning no ...) created by kumo
There's something in …
15:29 Ticket #761 ([Python 2.6] OrderedDict ImportError) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Thanks for reporting this. Should have caught it before we went live …


17:32 Ticket #502 (Online/downloadable video has “640p” in its name, but 640 is the ...) closed by rodney757
fixed: The 640p was removed from the filename when the reprocessing framework …


16:32 Milestone 0.5.0 completed
16:24 Ticket #767 (First point under "do this to upgrade" in release notes is something ...) created by Mike Linksvayer
There seems to be a missing step: > Do this to upgrade > > 1. Make …
15:49 Ticket #764 (Improve checkbox wording) closed by rodney757
fixed: This was merged before the release.


21:02 Ticket #766 ("accoutn" instead of "account") closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Fixed. Thanks for catching :)
20:16 Ticket #766 ("accoutn" instead of "account") created by tryggvib
In mediagoblin/auth/views.py:340 the string says: "You are no longer …
13:23 Ticket #765 (Make default license "Free culture" friendly) created by spaetz
Defaults matter! Most users will pick whatever is the default. Right …
12:56 Ticket #764 (Improve checkbox wording) created by spaetz
Please review and pull my branch fix_wording from my repo at …
12:54 Ticket #763 (Fix plugin documentation) closed by spaetz
fixed: This has been merged by Christopher.
09:47 Ticket #763 (Fix plugin documentation) created by spaetz
Please review and pull my branch fix_docs from my repo at …


18:35 Ticket #762 (simplify user.html) created by spaetz
When looking at user.html in order to have plugins insert content, I …


11:54 Ticket #761 ([Python 2.6] OrderedDict ImportError) created by rsd
When using Python 2.6, the ./bin/gmg dbupdate command throws an …


20:49 Ticket #760 (More Edit Account tests) created by rodney757
We should create tests for the edit account view.
Note: See TracTimeline for information about the timeline view.