21:13 Ticket #673 (Anonymous Commenting) created by Emily O'Leary
Directly related to #525 I came across the idea of allowing users to …
11:23 Ticket #672 (rfe: pdf media type support) created by alon
Supporting PDF files would let mediagoblin have many more use cases, …


12:52 Ticket #671 (3D model parser fails on stl models) created by Aeva
I found a special case which the binary stl files will be parsed as a …


19:52 Ticket #670 (Test handling of exceptions during meddleware response) created by Stephen Compall
[…] This is in exception handling for those thrown by meddleware …
11:02 Ticket #669 (Android client cleanup) created by dnet
I've performed some cleanup on the Android client, and tested it with …


22:36 Ticket #668 (Replace beaker sessions with itsdangerous based sessions) created by Elrond
We want to switch from beaker sessions to itsdangerous based sessions. …
12:56 Ticket #667 (Use lazy_pass_to_ugettext for forms) created by Elrond
(This might be a dupes, but I could not find it.) To translate forms, …


21:34 Ticket #666 (Resubmitting a new photo with a deleted photo's name shows the old photo) created by NYbill
I deleted a photo. I then took a new photo and saved it as the same …


14:50 Ticket #553 (Create proper design for user dashboard/dropdowns/etc) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: This technically landed. I think there could be improvements to …


21:49 Ticket #665 (Tests fail for WebTest 2.0.2) created by David Thompson
WebTest 2.0.2 breaks tests. :( Currently, only 1 test is failing. […]


17:03 Ticket #664 (Overflow not handled at pages like delete media ones) created by pythonsnake
See the attached image
08:50 Ticket #663 (Enable submission by email (e-mail)) created by spaetz
Currently, we do not support submission by email, although this has …


22:59 Ticket #431 (Make celeryd load logging settings from paste.ini paste_local.ini) closed by joar
fixed: Celery now uses logging.config.fromFile to set up logging
22:56 Ticket #501 (Video processing halts on "setting up thumbnailing pipeline") closed by Christopher Allan Webber
worksforme: There hasn't been an update with an example video so I'm closing this …


02:36 Ticket #662 (Replace mediagoblin/tests/test_submission/evil*) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Fixed. I replaced it with a one-line executable shell script that …
02:26 Ticket #662 (Replace mediagoblin/tests/test_submission/evil*) created by Christopher Allan Webber
I wasn't aware, but one of our tests checks to make sure we can't …


21:44 Ticket #661 (New screenshots for the MediaGoblin site) created by Christopher Allan Webber
The screenshots on the tour are embarassingly behind, from like a …
17:21 Ticket #660 (Move Storage docs from wiki to main docs) created by Elrond
We decided to move documentation, that is finished and more technical …
16:00 Milestone 0.3.3 completed


21:16 Ticket #659 (mark_entry_failed should possibly rollback session) created by Elrond
mark_entry_failed is often called after an exception. This …
21:16 Ticket #658 (Rollback SQLAlchemy session after each celery Task) created by joar
In the WSGI app we do a …


23:57 Ticket #657 (I'm unable to change my licence) created by Dick Thomas
No matter what I set the license to it defaults to all rights Even if …
22:20 Ticket #656 (Need a list of "Tests for Humans") created by Elrond
joar just reported, that the WebGL 3d view is broken. So I think, we …
20:28 Ticket #655 (Mediagoblin gives an error when trying to add an item to an existing ...) closed by Elrond
fixed: Should be fixed in e9330b9552858d46783971e8624ccc5ac80cfe46.
13:41 Ticket #655 (Mediagoblin gives an error when trying to add an item to an existing ...) created by sazius
Go to an existing item, select "Add to a collection", pick an existing …


18:19 Ticket #654 (Reporting pretty good video performance) created by aepcam
Congratulations I'm 800 mhz old PC user. Video performance in …


00:09 Ticket #653 (Add capability for embed codes to show media on other websites) created by Nick
I'm looking for the ability to provide my mediagoblin users the …


00:18 Ticket #652 (Change display of EXIF data to show relevant info + all fields) created by Gabriel Saldana
I've changed the way EXIF data is shown on the page to easily view the …


22:54 Ticket #647 (Uncontrolled reading of files into memory) reopened by Christopher Allan Webber
22:46 Ticket #419 (MediaGoblin can't handle (upload?) Large files) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
20:58 Ticket #578 (Do not transcode video if it does not make sense) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: I've gone ahead and merged this. Joar, if you could still look at it, …
17:25 Ticket #651 (Switch to Pillow?) created by Christopher Allan Webber
This has been mentioned by willkg in several previous bugs: #392 #57


00:06 Ticket #650 (.media_data is sometimes None (and has no rows)! Is this the right ...) created by Christopher Allan Webber
Elrond and I had a conversation on IRC. Basically, I was surprised to …


21:53 Ticket #649 (Use form.field.data instead of request.form['field']) created by Elrond
After submitting a form, our code needs to fetch the data from the …
21:21 Ticket #648 (STL (3D) media type: buttons have redundant tooltips, one is wrong) created by Aleksej


16:44 Ticket #647 (Uncontrolled reading of files into memory) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
duplicate: Gandaro, I will look at your branch also, and thanks for submitting …


13:55 Ticket #647 (Uncontrolled reading of files into memory) created by Jakob Kramer
Hi! When I was looking at the attachments source code I have seen …


19:25 Ticket #646 (Problem with ./bin/gmg theme assetlink) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Fixed. We stopped setting a default translations gettext in …
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