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Improving Media collection

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Summary of changes :

Basically, to idea is to replace the tedious process to add medias to collection. It's done, by putting the form where media are.

  • When you submit a media
  • When you are on a media's page.

The "add to collection" page no longer exists (yet I haven't removed anything that whould allow it to work... up to you).


  • The media_collect.html has been splitted to be used as a stand alone or as par of another form (start.html). The media's information has been removed, it's now contextual.
  • The "embeddable form" is in utils/collection_form.html
  • submit/start.html embeds the form above


The "add to collection" method has been put in tools/ so it can be called from the "submit a media form" and from within the media page.

  • in user_pages/
    • media_home : adding the collection form
    • media_collect : it calls the collection_tools method instead
  • in submit/ : calls the collection_tools method, passing the new media's data

I've slightly changed the behavior when you type an existing collection : it add the media to the existing collection instead of showing an error. It was mainly because I couldn't find a way to reload the media entry page without losing the filled form. Moreover, it's a smoother way to handle the error.

Here are the changes

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comment:3 by Christopher Allan Webber, 11 years ago

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I gave this a quick test (though I haven't spent much time reading the code)... here's some thoughts:

  • I think putting the collections stuff on the submit page makes that submit form really long, and a bit overwhelming, so I'm not very enthusiastic about it being on the submit page.
  • The "add a collection to this while on the page" is a good idea, but I think it'll be hard to pull off without it adding extra noise to the page. One way to do this is to have a button under "collections" that says "add to collection" and when pressed exposes the interface for adding collections.
  • I think probably this should also be a plugin?
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