18:00 Ticket #502 (Online/downloadable video has “640p” in its name, but 640 is the ...) created by Aleksej
http://gobblin.se/u/gnucito_84/m/copying-is-not-theft-480p/ The …
16:22 Ticket #412 (Add instructions to install libjpeg-dev or equivalent to docs) closed by Jakob Kramer
fixed: Can be closed, because PIL is not being installed by setup.py anymore.


17:20 Ticket #501 (Video processing halts on "setting up thumbnailing pipeline") created by Dmitrii V. Zolotov
With clean installation (master branch @24.09.2012) file uploading …


18:39 Ticket #437 (Wrap bio text in <div> instead of <p>) closed by joar
fixed: Replying to LotusEcho: > Alright. I made the indicated …
16:40 Ticket #416 (Invalid input causes unhelpful error messages) closed by Emily O'Leary
fixed: This seems to have been fixed. It now says "Logging in failed!" if you …


11:43 Ticket #500 (Cannot upload media with non-ASCII characters in file names; such ...) created by Aleksej
Server Error URL: File …


03:39 Ticket #499 (the avatar image is necessary) created by Charlie Vegan
need an option to upload an avatar, I think something elemental.


18:43 Ticket #498 (Find a different icon for collections) created by Aleksej
Currently the “collect” link is denoted with a paper clip. That …
18:30 Ticket #497 (Add client registration capabilities to the OAuth plugin) created by joar
18:07 Ticket #496 (Airy theme needs a fitting feed (Atom/RSS) icon) created by Aleksej
The current icon appears white on less white.
16:50 Ticket #277 (Enable "favoriting" of media) closed by joar
fixed: Aaron fixed some additinal bugs I found, and now it's merged!


12:52 Ticket #457 (need to be more obvious regarding contributor-ship in docs/) closed by Will Kahn-Greene
fixed: We didn't add a contributor's guide to the docs, but we did add …
12:50 Ticket #489 (release notes for 0.3.1 need to be written) closed by Will Kahn-Greene
fixed: Chris did this, so I'm marking this closed.


16:36 Ticket #495 (Central calendar for contributor dates) created by Deb
It would be nice to have all the important dates in one place. 1) …


22:05 Ticket #493 (Use OpenWebFonts) closed by joar
22:04 Ticket #494 (Use OpenWebFonts) created by joar
Perhaps we should use http://pfefferle.github.com/openwebicons/ for …
22:04 Ticket #493 (Use OpenWebFonts) created by joar
Perhaps we should use http://pfefferle.github.com/openwebicons/ for …
18:11 Ticket #492 (comment preview) created by Will Kahn-Greene
Given that comments use a markup, it'd help a lot to have comment …
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