23:03 Ticket #693 (An end to merge requests) closed by rodney757
fixed: done
22:52 Ticket #744 (Enable "favoriting" of media) created by rodney757
This is an old merge request that I am moving here. If someone want to …
21:36 Ticket #743 (Avoid crash when loading STL media without Blender in the server) created by rodney757
So I am moving this here from a merge request, as we are trying to …
12:50 Ticket #742 (Licenses display are illogical) created by Tumulte
Atm, licenses use the uri as the key to retrieve the license, and the …


18:02 Ticket #741 (Check if header levels on the main page make sense (suggest changing ...) created by Aleksej
The main page contains two headers: * <h1> "Hi there, welcome to this …
15:37 Ticket #740 (gmg dbupdate with database on another host) created by Danilo Tomasoni
dbupdate gives me the following errors: […] I tried the command …
15:18 Ticket #739 (No module named audio.models) created by Danilo Tomasoni
Complete traceback: […] this on a fresh debian 7.1 install with …


08:04 Ticket #738 (reverse proxy mg.org/irclogs to ...) created by Simon Fondrie-Teitler
As it says.


20:21 Ticket #737 (docs.mediagoblin.org should support multiple versions, or move to ...) created by Christopher Allan Webber
http://docs.mediagoblin.org/ should support building docs for every …
16:38 Ticket #676 (Uploaded webm video produces only sound, not video) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
invalid: Direct link is 404ing so there's no way to test this ticket.


09:50 Ticket #736 (Allow replying to trac emails to update ticket) created by Simon Fondrie-Teitler
Currently: […]


22:36 Ticket #675 (Loading config file fails if "media_types = ...) closed by rodney757
fixed: media_types are now plugins, so we no longer have this issue :)
22:35 Ticket #704 (Make media types into plugins) closed by rodney757
fixed: cwebb merged this
21:11 Ticket #735 (Move change email to it own view) created by rodney757
19:08 Ticket #734 (Document the config options available in config_spec.ini) created by rodney757
It would be nice if we had all of the config options documented in one …
16:52 Ticket #648 (STL (3D) media type: buttons have redundant tooltips, one is wrong) closed by rodney757
fixed: Merged! Thanks for this!
16:35 Ticket #470 (Add more information to mediagoblin.ini) closed by rodney757
fixed: So I merged this patch, minus the addition of the allow_comments


23:30 Ticket #729 (Boolean field description should be off to the side) closed by rodney757
fixed: merged
22:05 Ticket #354 (Option to stay logged in) closed by rodney757
fixed: Okay, I merged this. Thanks!
21:52 Ticket #633 (Feed 'by tag' does not link to the pubsub hub) closed by rodney757
fixed: I pushed this to master. Thanks
21:26 Ticket #451 (Convert all mongokit style .find, .find_one, .one calls over to ...) closed by rodney757
fixed: Committed! Thanks for the patch.
20:14 Ticket #500 (Cannot upload media with non-ASCII characters in file names; such ...) closed by rodney757
fixed: Okay, so I cherry-picked that commit and added import uuid. This …


17:06 Ticket #733 (When viewing a Collection item, only cycle through the media in the ...) created by rodney757
Currently if you click on a media entry from within a collection, it …


18:34 Ticket #732 (celeryconfig module not found when running dbupdate) created by sazius
When I'm running "./bin/gmg dbupdate" I'm getting this warning, which …


23:31 Ticket #731 (Setting create_spectrogram to false breaks processing) created by pythonsnake
I tried disabling spectograms and a bunch of bugs appeared: * Trying …


23:06 Ticket #730 (VPS use) closed by Simon Fondrie-Teitler
fixed: I've added rodney757, and installed a couple of packages for media …
21:32 Ticket #39 (OpenID support) closed by rodney757
21:03 Ticket #730 (VPS use) created by rodney757
Need to test out new media_type plugins in #723. At a bare minimum, …
19:09 Ticket #711 (Switch unit tests to using in-memory sqlite databases) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Awesome. I merged it! Great work!
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