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#212 Use werkzeug as a caching abstraction layer (was: «use beaker») review defect programming
#417 JavaScripts and WTForms messages are not translated accepted defect programming
#418 Leave slug empty until we are sure media processing was successful accepted defect programming
#465 Cannot delete attachments accepted defect programming
#508 You shouldn't have to upload a whole file to find out mediagoblin doesn't support it accepted defect programming
#576 Evaluate Cloudfiles write() method. Borked for chunked writes? new defect programming
#612 MediaFile deletion bails on with missing files on cloudfiles new defect programming
#627 URL redirect after login breaks with URL encoded characters new defect programming
#650 .media_data is sometimes None (and has no rows)! Is this the right thing to do? new defect documentation
#692 Proper documentation on how to author tests accepted defect documentation
#728 Collection page shows thumbnails in reverse order in_progress Boris Bobrov defect 0.13.0 programming
#772 browser warning when you try to close mb when active editing new defect programming
#838 Moderation: report panel: "Action Taken" shows a date in the past (report date?). new defect programming
#862 Not require the "mediagoblin" user during install (or, other permissions solutions) new defect 0.12.0 documentation
#890 Cannot detect zh_TW and zh_CN due to language list change in babel new defect programming
#941 OpenID fails with https site new defect programming
#958 Spectrogram thumbnail creation fails with non-local file storage new defect programming
#1004 Videoplayer has wrong height for videos with width>640 accepted defect programming
#1006 CSRF cookie not set if visiting a media page directly new defect programming
#1014 Skeleton required for using mediagoblin, but not included in pypi new defect programming
#1061 Media gets stuck in processing new defect programming
#1063 Impeller should upload photos accepted defect 1.0 programming
#1070 Handling languages Babel currently doesn't (Na'vi, Lojban) accepted defect infrastructure
#5316 disallow creating blog post without title in_progress ayleph defect programming
#5334 Playing MediaGoblin music on smartphones seems problematic? new defect programming
#5346 Unclear copyright of extlib/thingiview.js new defect programming
#5380 API limits outbox queries past 20 new defect programming
#5404 X-Frame-Options for admin/moderator views review defect programming
#5437 blog media_type uses inconsistent naming in_progress ayleph defect programming
#5444 Implement 'type_match_handler' hook for all core media types in_progress ayleph defect programming
#5447 Make disabling plugins less tricky new defect programming
#5474 Switch assert statements into proper exceptions new defect 0.11.0 programming
#5483 audio player is not accessible with screen readers accepted defect graphic design/interface
#5485 Audio player controls not announced to Orca screenreader accepted defect graphic design/interface
#5486 Mark all read does not mark all read new defect programming
#5502 Does not work with LibreJS in_progress Andreas Nilsson defect 0.13.0 graphic design/interface
#5509 Video with lower dimensions gets transcoded to higher dimensions new defect 0.13.0 programming
#5528 xss in videojs-swf new defect programming
#5564 Show unprocessed media in processing panel review defect 0.13.0 programming
#5599 Celery requires python3-gi and python3-gst-1.0 even when audio/video not enabled new defect 0.11.0 programming
#5623 im unable to play videos after disableing transcoding new defect graphic design/interface
#400 Media licensing should be human readable accepted enhancement programming
#409 oEmbed support accepted enhancement 1.0 programming
#467 write test scaffolding for core plugins accepted enhancement programming
#486 Drag and drop media uploading support accepted enhancement programming
#551 Create test that makes sure all migrations are sane accepted enhancement programming
#563 Create License Table new enhancement programming
#567 Support For Ogg Vorbis+Theora accepted enhancement programming
#574 Add slideshow view reopened enhancement programming
#594 Provide consistent error handling in the API new joar enhancement programming
#603 Subscribing to users across instances new enhancement 1.0 programming
#607 Implement WebActivities and WebIntents new enhancement 1.0 programming
#613 Improving Media collection accepted enhancement programming
#634 Implement SVG support in_progress pythonsnake enhancement programming
#642 Add real_world_date / date_taken field new enhancement programming
#659 mark_entry_failed should possibly rollback session new enhancement programming
#684 Allowing plugins to add commands to 'gmg' review enhancement programming
#715 Move CloudFiles storage backend over to pyrax in_progress ayleph enhancement 0.11.0 programming
#719 support for timeside - an audio component new enhancement programming
#733 When viewing a Collection item, only cycle through the media in the Collection review enhancement programming
#734 Document the config options available in config_spec.ini accepted enhancement documentation
#742 Licenses display are illogical new enhancement programming
#745 Plugin Migration Tests new enhancement programming
#775 confirm on exit when uploading new enhancement programming
#782 Spectogram should be created client side accepted enhancement programming
#794 Meddleware for private instances new enhancement programming
#798 Change route priority : plugins should override core new enhancement programming
#799 Support chapters or jump labels for videos/audios new enhancement programming
#800 Comments to a certain timestamp/time period new enhancement programming
#801 Links in Videos/photos new enhancement programming
#804 Improve user interaction/contribution/ -> crowdsourcing new enhancement programming
#811 Move away from Paste* new enhancement 0.12.0 infrastructure
#832 add preprocess hook to process() of media_types.image processors new enhancement programming
#863 A way for plugins to add translateable strings new enhancement programming
#893 Switch mg_globals over to using werkzeug context locals new enhancement programming
#960 Add search functionality in_progress tofay enhancement programming
#963 to/cc/bto/bcc not supported on activities in_progress Jessica Tallon enhancement 1.0 programming
#964 Enable HSTS on wiki.m.o and issues.m.o new Simon Fondrie-Teitler enhancement programming
#967 Ability to display panorama images as a mediatype new enhancement programming
#987 Account Settings: Better grouping of sections new enhancement graphic design/interface
#990 Upload of multiple files in one step is not possible new enhancement programming
#1076 videos are not supported in the API new enhancement programming
#1086 Add CAPTCHA support accepted enhancement infrastructure
#1087 Smart captcha system new enhancement programming
#1088 Dumb / simple captchas new enhancement programming
#5055 Friendlier failure if Gstreamer 1.0 not installed new enhancement programming
#5063 better handling of bad video files new enhancement programming
#5311 Improve plugin documentation in_progress Laura Arjona Reina enhancement documentation
#5319 support for HQ videos accepted enhancement programming
#5320 Add a logout hook new enhancement programming
#5328 White/blacklisting mimetypes in attachments and check file size in_progress molgrum enhancement programming
#5365 Some improvements to collections views in_progress Jessica Tallon enhancement programming
#5443 Theater mode for videos in MediaGoblin review enhancement graphic design/interface
#5473 Add detailed failure message to user and admin processing panels new enhancement 0.11.0 programming
#5487 Feature: allow to rotate media after upload new enhancement programming
#5488 Feature: Email/notifications: allow to follow user/collection/tag/everything new enhancement programming
#5491 Enhancements for the media-processing panel new enhancement programming
#5503 Move federation code to ActivityPub spec in_progress Christopher Allan Webber enhancement 1.0 programming
#5586 My somewhat prioritised Mediagoblin wish list new enhancement 0.13.0 programming
#5617 Private mode new enhancement 0.13.0 programming
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