22:11 Ticket #594 (Provide consistent error handling in the API) created by joar


19:27 Ticket #332 (Comments from reviewing the new video merge) closed by Elrond
fixed: The final remaining point "7)" is covered in its own ticket: #355 So …
19:10 Ticket #575 (Need Test for "The API") closed by Elrond
fixed: and closing.
13:15 Ticket #593 (Thumbnails of portrait images have inconsistent padding) created by Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
Thumbnails of portrait images have padding on every side except on …
12:49 Ticket #592 (Poor overflow handling for thumbnail titles) created by Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
The default theme has poor overflow handling in thumbnail titles, at …
12:42 Ticket #591 (Default theme handles thumbnails for small pictures poorly) created by Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
The default theme handles small images poorly. Screenshot: …


21:55 Ticket #588 (Make profile editing URL consistent) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Merged! Thanks spaetz!
03:32 Ticket #590 (Provide Markdown formatting options rather than linking to Markdown website) created by Jim Campbell
When a new user is setting up their profile, the website text tells …


15:58 Ticket #589 (Reduce test suite run time) closed by spaetz
fixed: This was fixed in the commits b97144dcc970750 and b97144dcc970750b
13:56 Ticket #587 (Removed MediaEntry returns 500 instead of 404) closed by spaetz
fixed: Fallout from the ObjectId/InvalidID removal in the MongoDB code. Fixed …
13:54 Ticket #589 (Reduce test suite run time) created by spaetz
Don't get a new app (discarding and recreating the databases) when …


13:33 Ticket #588 (Make profile editing URL consistent) created by spaetz
A users hompage is u/spaetz/, yet for editing the profile one has …


21:40 Ticket #587 (Removed MediaEntry returns 500 instead of 404) created by joar
Navigating to …


22:25 Ticket #586 (HTTPS/SSL support on issues.mediagoblin.org) created by Christopher Allan Webber
Add https support to issues.mediagoblin.org. Pretty simple!


02:28 Milestone 0.3.2 completed


14:30 Ticket #585 (When publishing through API, no PuSH to push_urls) created by mrb
The block of code that takes care of pushing the item to push_urls is …


21:09 Ticket #584 (Can't read EXIF tags of some files) closed by joar
fixed: Merged into master, thank you Velmont!
00:01 Ticket #584 (Can't read EXIF tags of some files) created by Odin Hørthe Omdal (Velmont)
I found out that the exif-py that GMG use is too old. The new one can …


10:49 Ticket #583 (Create tests for atom feeds) created by Elrond
We need some tests for our atom feeds. How deeply the tests go, is …


10:20 Ticket #582 (Webdav as storage backend) created by spaetz
I want to use box.net or my ownbox instance as storage backend.


13:57 Ticket #528 (pagination fails from user page) closed by ronny
fixed: after an recent update pagination seems to work!
13:47 Ticket #581 (Mention mediagoblin/config_spec.ini in mediagoblin.ini) created by Aleksej
If: * mediagoblin.ini cannot contain every option people might want to …
08:34 Ticket #577 (De-noisify video transcoding) closed by spaetz
fixed: It's just a small change and has been pushed as commit …
08:02 Ticket #507 (Possibly get rid of WebOb, Routes, Beaker?) closed by spaetz
fixed: Merged the "get rid of webob" branch (master changed from 30bb410 to …
08:01 Ticket #580 (Get rid of beaker) created by spaetz
Spinoff of remaining task of #507 If we do this, then maybe we should …


22:34 Ticket #566 (/oauth/access_token route 500's) closed by spaetz
fixed: This actually went in as commit …
09:57 Ticket #579 (Update/Restart processing queue on GMG startup) created by spaetz
I ran EAGER_CELERY and killed the server while transcoding media. The …
09:23 Ticket #578 (Do not transcode video if it does not make sense) created by spaetz
I uploaded a 320x200 pixel .webm file and it was transcoded to a …


14:46 Ticket #577 (De-noisify video transcoding) created by spaetz
ProgressCallback (which saves media_entry.save() to the db) and …
10:23 Ticket #576 (Evaluate Cloudfiles write() method. Borked for chunked writes?) created by spaetz
TODO: XXX It seems that our cloudfiles.write() takes all …


13:19 Ticket #575 (Need Test for "The API") created by Elrond
We now have an API to allow people to upload media automatically. We …
12:43 Ticket #559 (Collections can only be found from a file's page, no list to be found) closed by Stefano Zacchiroli
duplicate: This is a duplicate of #526 (which now contains a patch for this issue).
11:54 Ticket #574 (Add slideshow view) reopened by spaetz
11:51 Ticket #574 (Add slideshow view) closed by spaetz
11:40 Ticket #574 (Add slideshow view) created by spaetz
At least for image-based media it would be nice to present slide show …


22:48 Ticket #573 (cannot delete collections) closed by Stefano Zacchiroli
invalid: In fact, I must be blind. Once one gets to the collection page, …
22:04 Ticket #573 (cannot delete collections) created by Stefano Zacchiroli
There seems to be no way to delete collection after creation (not …
15:36 Ticket #568 (please use signed git tags) closed by Elrond
fixed: Okay, updated our release [http://wiki.mediagoblin.org/ReleaseProcess
11:53 Ticket #572 (Move Columns from MediaEntry to ProcessingMetaData) created by Elrond
There is a new table for data used while (or at the end of) …


20:43 Ticket #571 (Collection descriptions don't support Markdown but pretend they do) created by Jef van Schendel
To reproduce: - Edit a collection - Add Markdown formatting to the …
20:39 Ticket #570 (Crash after adding media to an unspecified collection) created by Jef van Schendel
To reproduce: - Go to a media page - Click "Add media to …
08:09 Ticket #569 (please do not commit .jar files to git (closure-compiler)) created by Thomas Koch
Hi, I found the closure-compiler jar in …
07:31 Ticket #568 (please use signed git tags) created by Thomas Koch
Hi, I checked out mediagoblin from source and wanted to start …


05:37 Ticket #567 (Support For Ogg Vorbis+Theora) created by Jason Self
It appears that recordings added are converted to WebM (Vorbis + VP8 …
00:20 Ticket #566 (/oauth/access_token route 500's) created by James Turner
When trying to request an access token using the /oauth/access_token …
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