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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#541 Use versioned API URLs joar enhancement trivial programming
#572 Move Columns from MediaEntry to ProcessingMetaData enhancement trivial programming
#590 Provide Markdown formatting options rather than linking to Markdown website enhancement trivial graphic design/interface
#600 "Liberate my data" (data export button) spaetz enhancement trivial programming
#816 BCV (Buscador de Contenidos en video) / BCV (content search in video) enhancement trivial programming
#817 4 different similar strings about Markdown defect trivial graphic design/interface
#959 Create separate git repository for MediaGoblin themes enhancement trivial infrastructure
#979 Server Error is untranslatable defect trivial graphic design/interface
#1042 Embed Open Graph data into relevant pages enhancement trivial programming
#5034 Inconsistent variable syntax in enhancement trivial programming
#5064 Add option to override ./configure'd virtualenv defect trivial programming
#5565 Display file size of uploaded media enhancement trivial programming
#5567 Allowing setting per-user upload limits enhancement trivial programming
#389 Remove Markdown explanations, after figuring out how to handle links defect minor graphic design/interface
#472 An option to use uploaded audio/video file “as is”, without transcoding enhancement minor programming
#490 Media processing panel layout improvements enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#516 "Hidden fields" in oauth authorize client form not so hidden joar defect minor graphic design/interface
#522 Allow to create a filesystem-like album hierachy enhancement minor programming
#534 Use accesskeys in the forms enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#545 User().unicode() should be friendlier for templates enhancement minor programming
#546 Embed hcard in user profile (we claim to have one) defect minor programming
#579 Update/Restart processing queue on GMG startup enhancement minor programming
#619 "-- Select --" at the "Add media to collection" page cannot be translated/localized defect minor programming
#620 Error message improvments enhancement minor programming
#701 Automatically play audio / video in collections successively enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#712 Base template should not enforce header's max-width enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#713 Should password recovery e-mail use the website name instead of "GNU MediaGoblin"? enhancement minor programming
#749 With JS, videos can be (un)paused only with mouse; without JS, only with keyboard defect minor programming
#752 Refactoring notifications to more cleanly hook into application defect minor programming
#756 Video pane dimensions in VJS skins are too small defect minor programming
#779 Feature Request: SwarmPlayer embed enhancement minor programming
#826 Mediatype of image should provide a Download link. defect minor graphic design/interface
#827 Reprocessing of media should retain preview filenames enhancement minor programming
#840 Moderation: user panel lists the number of comments posted, but not number of media posted/retained enhancement minor programming
#853 No RTL layout for document pages defect minor programming
#856 Time interval localization fails defect minor graphic design/interface
#857 Better audio thumbnail enhancement minor programming
#867 home_goblin.png is hard-coded to the /mgoblin_static path defect minor programming
#869 user can edit and delete own comments enhancement minor programming
#872 support avatar from libravatar and Gravatar enhancement minor programming
#881 Make notification of moderators/admins about new reports more prominent. enhancement minor programming
#882 Moderation: reason for report looks like a comment. defect minor graphic design/interface
#917 Comment notifications are sent in the sender's language setting defect minor programming
#924 LDAP authentication: configurable user attribute (currently: always 'uid') defect minor programming
#925 Consider reordering the media sidebar enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#926 LDAP authentication: use RFC 2255 LDAP URLs for more flexibility defect minor programming
#931 deployment documentation - switch to mediagoblin user with sudo defect minor documentation
#933 Plugins should have a way to redirect to the login page enhancement minor programming
#976 Bring back the ascii goblin defect minor 0.11.0 programming
#988 Meta information right next to picture is more prominent than title and description enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#992 Change Me "Media Processing Panel" into something more simple enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#998 Profile in Topbar enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#1073 'audio' objectType is not accepted. defect minor programming
#5061 Reporting media does not produce email or notification defect minor programming
#5077 share via a private link enhancement minor programming
#5341 mg-dev-environments repository needs migration to Savannah task minor infrastructure
#5350 More notifications options enhancement minor programming
#5351 Add “private” setting to limit media view/access to logged-in users enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#5352 Automatically create local users on successful LDAP authentication defect minor programming
#5361 Allow continuing where left off in csv for batchaddmedia enhancement minor programming
#5364 "p" client doesn't seem to upload images defect minor programming
#5370 LDAP User Filter enhancement minor programming
#5378 video area does not fit height when video is not transcoded defect minor graphic design/interface
#5392 Add ability to disable uploads of media type while retaining existing media of that type enhancement minor programming
#5405 Content Security Policy enhancement minor programming
#5417 Add more type icons defect minor 0.11.0 graphic design/interface
#5418 Fix the look of media type icon enhancement minor 0.11.0 graphic design/interface
#5428 "Add media" and "Create new collection" placing enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#5430 admin media processing panel should be the same as user one enhancement minor 0.11.0 programming
#5439 Use state other than "failed" to indicate draft blog posts defect minor programming
#5454 Add more translatable strings in blog plugin defect minor programming
#5456 Add IPFS peer-to-peer based storage backend enhancement minor programming
#5463 Allow deleting failed media from processing panel enhancement minor programming
#5477 Browse all media enhancement minor programming
#5480 WebTorrent enhancement minor programming
#5489 user_ldap: Log something on failure due to SSL problems enhancement minor programming
#5492 Handle errors in case of unsuccessful commenting defect minor programming
#5510 Comments lost when navigating to next/previous media defect minor programming
#5529 "Newer" and "Older" page link captions are incorrect for Collection view defect minor 0.13.0 graphic design/interface
#5566 Display uploaded file size sum vs upload limit enhancement minor programming
#5588 Make work on small screens defect minor graphic design/interface
#5600 Mention a mail server in deployment docs enhancement minor 0.11.0 documentation
#5601 Mention HTTPS in deployment docs enhancement minor 0.11.0 documentation
#5605 Atom feed compatibility with podcatchers enhancement minor programming
#5628 Select new thumbnail through GUI enhancement minor programming
#563 Create License Table enhancement major programming
#576 Evaluate Cloudfiles write() method. Borked for chunked writes? defect major programming
#594 Provide consistent error handling in the API joar enhancement major programming
#595 Hook to allow plugins to alter the template for media pages task major programming
#596 Hook to allow plugins to do some work on page load task major programming
#597 Hook to allow plugins to alter the template for media edit form task major programming
#603 Subscribing to users across instances enhancement major 1.0 programming
#607 Implement WebActivities and WebIntents enhancement major 1.0 programming
#612 MediaFile deletion bails on with missing files on cloudfiles defect major programming
#627 URL redirect after login breaks with URL encoded characters defect major programming
#642 Add real_world_date / date_taken field enhancement major programming
#650 .media_data is sometimes None (and has no rows)! Is this the right thing to do? defect major documentation
#659 mark_entry_failed should possibly rollback session enhancement major programming
#719 support for timeside - an audio component enhancement major programming
#742 Licenses display are illogical enhancement major programming
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