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#814 Move from sqlalchemy-migrate to Alembic defect blocker programming fixed
#5366 Update blog views for database changes defect blocker programming fixed
#5367 Update edit view for database changes defect blocker programming fixed
#5374 "Deathorize applications" causes server error after federation migrations defect blocker programming fixed
#5382 Graveyard media in collection give server error defect blocker programming fixed
#5390 Exception when deleting media that has CommentNotifications on them. defect blocker programming fixed
#5391 Migration issue with postgres on new setups defect blocker programming fixed
#5413 Make models on clean database with alembic, not from defect blocker programming fixed
#5415 Server error when trying to access media with graveyards comments defect blocker programming fixed
#5419 Settle on a local development server for both Python 3 and Python 2 defect blocker programming fixed
#5421 Server error when trying to access atom feed with graveyard media defect blocker programming cant-reproduce
#5422 Resend Verification link fails after recent db updates defect blocker programming fixed
#5427 Deleting reported media gives server error defect blocker programming fixed
#5353 Error when using the API defect critical programming fixed
#5354 Graveyard media don't return serializable timestamps defect critical programming fixed
#5355 Graveyard media don't return serializable actors defect critical programming fixed
#5420 sqlalchemy-migrate-0.10.0 requires missing docutils defect critical programming invalid
#665 Tests fail for WebTest 2.0.2 defect major programming fixed
#687 Write unit tests for redirect and redirect_obj enhancement major programming fixed
#792 MediaGoblin Recommends Non-Free Software defect major graphic design/interface fixed
#818 pbr is breaking things defect major programming fixed
#978 Deployment docs need updating to reflect change from paster to gunircorn defect major documentation fixed
#983 UnicodeDecodeError when processing a PDF file defect major programming fixed
#1047 Server error when URL contains weird characters defect major programming invalid
#1096 User registration form is too strict with usernames enhancement major programming fixed
#5017 Make Python 3 a first class citizen defect major programming fixed
#5072 configure hardcoded to outdated python3 defect major programming fixed
#5079 Duplicate key error when tagging media "tag" and "#tag" defect major programming fixed
#5317 Enable Paste 2.0 (once it's fixed) defect major programming fixed
#5322 Translations compilation fails task major programming fixed
#5323 Audio submission failing defect major programming fixed
#5342 Bad feed media URLs for non-local storage defect major programming fixed
#5356 Can't GET another user's outbox defect major programming fixed
#5358 Tests failing in current master defect major programming duplicate
#5362 Audio submission test fails with defect major programming duplicate
#5363 Serialization of Collection fails defect major programming fixed
#5368 Migrations 29 and 35 consume hard drive defect major programming fixed
#5369 Broken activities cause database migration errors defect major programming fixed
#5371 Collection atom feeds throw server error defect major programming fixed
#5372 test_comment_notification fails with werkzeug 0.11 or newer defect major programming fixed
#5377 Comments made via API client don't get attached to targets defect major programming cant-reproduce
#5383 Translations compilation is run without pybabel defect major programming invalid
#5386 need format parameter when using file object defect major programming fixed
#5387 [PATCH]Use six.itervalues() in delete_media_files defect major programming fixed
#5396 The ascii media type is rendered as one line bytes string under python3 defect major programming fixed
#5398 Major test failures defect major programming fixed
#5406 Remove alembic config attributes hackery upon upgrading to Alembic 07.5 defect major programming fixed
#5410 Move back to paste defect major programming wontfix
#5411 Error running alembic migrations: database locked defect major programming fixed
#5416 FileObjectAwareFile breaking test in Python 3, doesn't know how to write unicode strings defect major programming fixed
#5423 moderation media panel doesn't work defect major programming fixed
#5424 Alembic migrations with plugins defect major programming fixed
#5425 Allow tests to pass without audio/video dependencies again defect major programming fixed
#5426 lazycelery raises IndexError defect major programming invalid
#5436 Add "gmg raw_alembic" command enhancement major programming fixed
#365 Distinguish between media types (photo/video/audio etc) in thumbnails enhancement minor programming fixed
#795 Improve adding media to categories enhancement minor graphic design/interface fixed
#1099 mediagoblin/tests/starttls_config.ini is executable defect minor programming fixed
#5070 GStreamer bails unexpectedly on video file defect minor programming fixed
#5315 use `env` in shebangs defect minor programming fixed
#5349 Audio submission failing (DetachedInstanceError in test_audio) defect minor programming fixed
#5373 Latest flup removes Python 2 compatibility defect minor infrastructure fixed
#5394 Wrong url for forgot_password in basic_auth plugin defect minor programming fixed
#5397 API client registration fails if Content-Type has options defect minor programming fixed
#5402 no instructions for python3 defect minor documentation fixed
#5431 Typo in models defect minor programming fixed
#5432 Comment report link doesn't go anywhere defect minor programming fixed
#954 plain text <br/> defect trivial programming fixed
#969 gmg user commands don't fail gracefully for non existant users defect trivial programming fixed
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