15:48 Ticket #718 ([i18n] MediaGoblin Chinese (Simplified) translation) closed by Star Brilliant
fixed: Already submitted to …


15:41 Ticket #718 ([i18n] MediaGoblin Chinese (Simplified) translation) created by Star Brilliant
I have made the Simplified Chinese translation for MediaGoblin. I will …


14:57 Ticket #717 (Video thumbnails are not created) created by Danilo
When uploading a video, no thumbnail is created. Celery output (debug …
14:51 Ticket #716 (Wrong permissions for videos) created by Danilo
I'm running MediaGoblin under the "mediagoblin" user and serve the …


22:13 Ticket #452 (Test fails because table "ascii__mediadata" does not exist) closed by Jakob Kramer
fixed: This does not happen anymore. ;)


21:43 Ticket #697 (Expand the plugin author guide) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: I've expanded this significantly; I think this can be closed.


12:46 Ticket #496 (Airy theme needs a fitting feed (Atom/RSS) icon) closed by Aleksej
fixed: > The RSS icon has been updated to fit with Airy. So it's fixed; the …


22:52 Ticket #715 (Move CloudFiles storage backend over to pyrax) created by joar
python-cloudfiles is no longer being maintained, we should move to …


01:08 Ticket #714 ("Change forgotten password" e-mail subject is not localizable) created by Aleksej
Subject: "GNU MediaGoblin - Change forgotten password!" is not …


23:57 Ticket #713 (Should password recovery e-mail use the website name instead of "GNU ...) created by Aleksej
I've requested password change for gobblin.se, and got an e-mail like: …
15:24 Ticket #515 (MediaGoblin makes thumbs 180px high, but css only allows 135px high max) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Done and pushed in 0e4d6221fae26709d7ad32f40318df874b570bf8


23:15 Ticket #640 (Interface implementation hooks) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: It turns out with hook_handle there's no need to add additional …
21:40 Ticket #639 (WTForms form extension hooks) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: It turns out that there's a much more reasonable way to do this. This …


11:03 Ticket #712 (Base template should not enforce header's max-width) created by Stanislav N. aka pztrn
Right now mediagoblin's base theme (aka default theme)) enforces …


22:50 Ticket #474 (Change password is on the same page as the rest of the account settings) closed by rodney757
fixed: Fixed with #709


20:57 Ticket #641 (Plugin support for static files and staticdirect) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: This is now merged! There are also now docs for it in the plugin …
14:28 Ticket #711 (Switch unit tests to using in-memory sqlite databases) created by Christopher Allan Webber
At the moment, running tests that don't use a full mediagoblin app are …


17:15 Ticket #709 (Changing license setting may set password to empty) closed by Elrond
fixed: Merged: d5e035e9193cb9c9faff0e8601e2908bf5285f9c Yeah, thanks!
03:04 Ticket #710 (Application-specific passwords) created by rekado
== Background == OAuth requires an OAuth client to be registered with …


19:55 Ticket #709 (Changing license setting may set password to empty) created by sazius
I encountered this because I've set my web browser (Iceweasel/Firefox …
04:22 Ticket #708 (allow user configuration for jinja2 extensions) created by kenneth dombrowski
Proposal is for a new configuration option to allow users to specify a …
02:42 Ticket #707 (Setup trac dev environment for testing) created by Simon Fondrie-Teitler
Creating this ticket for tracking purposes. Right now I have …


22:28 Ticket #652 (Change display of EXIF data to show relevant info + all fields) closed by joar
fixed: Merged! I also fixed some bugs I encountered with it: …
21:51 Ticket #706 (New notifications) created by joar
I have been working on a new generation of notifications in …


14:12 Ticket #700 (Mediagoblin via HTTPS and HTTP) closed by rodney757
worksforme: Seems like this is a config issues on your end as there is support for …


19:16 Ticket #694 (test workflow ticket) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
19:11 Ticket #680 (Uniqueness constraint on email addresses?) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
wontfix: I added a note to the models about it. And now closing out! :)


21:40 Ticket #705 (Allow a user to change their email associated with their account) created by rodney757
It would be nice if a user could change their email address associated …
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