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#395 Make license options customizable and drop non-FaiF options by default enhancement closed major
#400 Media licensing should be human readable enhancement accepted major
#460 AttributeError: VideoTranscoder instance has no attribute 'dst_data' defect closed major 0.8.0
#474 Change password is on the same page as the rest of the account settings defect closed major 0.4.0
#486 Drag and drop media uploading support enhancement accepted major
#503 Write tests for the OAuth plugin enhancement closed major
#505 upgrade to trac 1.0 defect closed major
#508 You shouldn't have to upload a whole file to find out mediagoblin doesn't support it defect accepted major
#557 RIP out Mongo support task closed major
#634 Implement SVG support pythonsnake enhancement in_progress major
#675 Loading config file fails if "media_types = mediagoblin.media_types.image" in the config defect closed major
#178 Have a Users page that lists all the users on a given install enhancement closed minor
#358 New feed library that uses lxml defect closed minor
#424 Create Fabric Deployment Script for Media Goblin task closed minor
#459 Improve migration framework enhancement closed minor
#470 Add more information to mediagoblin.ini enhancement closed minor
#499 the avatar image is necessary enhancement accepted minor
#591 Default theme handles thumbnails for small pictures poorly defect accepted minor
#593 Thumbnails of portrait images have inconsistent padding defect accepted minor
#635 REQUEST: Add a "like" (and maybe dislike) function enhancement accepted minor
#164 Consider cache "table" enhancement accepted trivial
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