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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#244 GIF images work on media pages in most (of my personally experianced) cases, but not all. accepted defect minor
#389 Remove Markdown explanations, after figuring out how to handle links new defect minor
#516 "Hidden fields" in oauth authorize client form not so hidden new joar defect minor
#530 Airy: audio player’s time indicator is low-contrast accepted defect minor
#591 Default theme handles thumbnails for small pictures poorly accepted defect minor
#593 Thumbnails of portrait images have inconsistent padding accepted defect minor
#714 "Change forgotten password" e-mail subject is not localizable accepted defect trivial
#720 "file correctly uploaded" bar is misleading accepted defect minor
#777 Not possible to edit collection item notes accepted defect minor
#817 4 different similar strings about Markdown new defect trivial
#826 Mediatype of image should provide a Download link. new defect minor
#856 Time interval localization fails new defect minor
#882 Moderation: reason for report looks like a comment. new defect minor
#979 Server Error is untranslatable new defect trivial
#5378 video area does not fit height when video is not transcoded new defect minor
#5417 Add more type icons new defect minor 0.11.0
#5483 audio player is not accessible with screen readers accepted defect major
#5485 Audio player controls not announced to Orca screenreader accepted defect major
#5502 Does not work with LibreJS in_progress Andreas Nilsson defect major 0.13.0
#5529 "Newer" and "Older" page link captions are incorrect for Collection view new defect minor 0.13.0
#5588 Make work on small screens new defect minor
#5623 im unable to play videos after disableing transcoding new defect major
#490 Media processing panel layout improvements new enhancement minor
#534 Use accesskeys in the forms new enhancement minor
#590 Provide Markdown formatting options rather than linking to Markdown website new enhancement trivial
#635 REQUEST: Add a "like" (and maybe dislike) function accepted enhancement minor
#701 Automatically play audio / video in collections successively new enhancement minor
#712 Base template should not enforce header's max-width new enhancement minor
#925 Consider reordering the media sidebar new enhancement minor
#986 Double confirmation needed to delete media review enhancement minor
#987 Account Settings: Better grouping of sections new enhancement major
#988 Meta information right next to picture is more prominent than title and description new enhancement minor
#992 Change Me "Media Processing Panel" into something more simple new enhancement minor
#998 Profile in Topbar new enhancement minor
#999 Notifications panel in_progress Jeremy Pope enhancement minor
#1051 "Max file size: X mb" should state "MiB", not "mb". accepted enhancement trivial
#5351 Add “private” setting to limit media view/access to logged-in users new enhancement minor
#5418 Fix the look of media type icon new enhancement minor 0.11.0
#5428 "Add media" and "Create new collection" placing new enhancement minor
#5434 Lightbox effect for images accepted enhancement minor
#5443 Theater mode for videos in MediaGoblin review enhancement major
#1045 Merge sandyseventiesspeedboat into core review task minor 0.11.0
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