23:36 Ticket #5336 (Bug in media types extension parsing) closed by ayleph
duplicate: This issue was already submitted and fixed. Closing as duplicate of #5068.
23:06 Ticket #5336 (Bug in media types extension parsing) created by Laura Arjona Reina
As reported by Michael Macnair in the mailing list (Thanks!): […] …
03:43 Ticket #5335 (Particular PDF not uploading) created by anongoblin
Well, I have all sorts of PDFs being uploaded properly on the server. …


15:35 Ticket #5334 (Playing MediaGoblin music on smartphones seems problematic?) created by molgrum
I posted on pump about testing playing audio at goblinrefuge.com (runs …


15:57 WikiStart edited by Elrond
Add state flow diagram (diff)


19:25 Ticket #5329 (Python3 error, changing ones hometown) closed by berkerpeksag
fixed: Fixed in …
19:16 Ticket #5333 (Upgrade extlib/freesound/audioprocessing.py) created by berkerpeksag
Currently, it doesn't support Python 3. I would update the code …
18:28 Ticket #544 (Provide .url_for_self for the Base model) closed by spaetz
wontfix: Ok, convinced.
17:07 WikiStart edited by Elrond
Update register section, thanks larjona (diff)
17:04 WikiStart edited by Elrond
Small fixes, thanks R13ose, larjona (diff)
16:47 WikiStart edited by Elrond
Spam notice and how to get help (diff)
14:23 Ticket #358 (New feed library that uses lxml) closed by spaetz
14:23 Ticket #525 (allow to register to let comment on my cat pics) closed by spaetz
14:21 Ticket #776 (Collections gallery needs better headings) closed by spaetz
13:08 Ticket #5331 (Print statements not python3 compatible) closed by berkerpeksag
fixed: Thanks spaetz! Pushed in * …
10:34 Ticket #5332 (Storage test fails on python3) created by spaetz
This happens running the test suite on python3 with MG v0.8 (The same …
10:31 Ticket #5331 (Print statements not python3 compatible) created by spaetz
File "mediagoblin/media_types/video/transcoders.py", line 436 …
10:29 Ticket #5330 (Python 3.4.3 does not work with default values in SQLAlchemy <0.9) created by spaetz
Trying to register on by mediagoblin (v0.8) with python3, I get the …
10:17 Ticket #5329 (Python3 error, changing ones hometown) created by spaetz
This is in version 0.8 when changing ones hometown using python3: […]


15:57 Ticket #5328 (White/blacklisting mimetypes in attachments and check file size) created by molgrum
I have working (non-elegant) code working for doing a white/blacklist …


11:45 Ticket #5327 (Failure to delete user after using pump api) created by Jonas Haraldsson
User account deletion will fail with: `IntegrityError: …
10:28 Ticket #5326 (mediagoblin converts entered username to lower case) created by Jonas Haraldsson
mediagoblin converts entered "UserName" to lower case "username" on …


17:23 Ticket #5325 (mediagoblin.org page links to gitorious.org) created by Jonas Haraldsson
"Code" section on http://mediagoblin.org/pages/join.html points to …


19:52 Ticket #5324 (Sql alchemy doesn't handle broken databases) created by anongoblin
My ./bin/gmg dbupdate command went bad, and thus broke the …
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