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Spam notice and how to get help

Welcome to GNU MediaGoblin ticket tracker

The GNU MediaGoblin ticket tracker runs on Trac. We use Trac solely for tracking tickets--we're not using Trac's other features.

Spam notice

Due to massive spam, the Tracker is locked down somewhat. This means:

  1. To get an account, ask someone listed at
  2. We have a bayes spam filter activated, which analyzes texts. Its training needs … well … improvment. So: Keep a backup of your text before posting it, because the bayes filter might eat it! If that happens, get to someone able to fixup the spam training (see above) and then try to repost.

How to register

In the navigation bar in the upper right is a link titled Register. Click on that, fill out the form.

If you wish to add a ticket anonymously, you can use the account anongoblin, with the password downingoblintown.

Note to users of the old bug tracking system If you had an account on the old bug tracking system, after you create an account in Trac, let Will know. He'll connect your new account to your old bug data.

How to log in

In the navigation bar in the upper right is a link titled Login. Click on that.

How to submit a new ticket

Log in and click on New Ticket in the navigation bar.

How to get help

Check out for IRC, mailing list and other ways to connect with the GNU MediaGoblin community for help.

Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.