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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#5519 Wrong directory served when requesting videos defect major 0.10.0 programming
#5535 Remove unused local variables task trivial 0.13.0 programming
#604 Favoriting across instances enhancement major 1.0 programming
#608 Implement pushing of remote deletion enhancement major 1.0 programming
#610 Mirror subscribed media collection enhancement minor 1.0 programming
#272 [Wiki] Make it obvious that e-mail verification is required for editing task minor infrastructure
#5580 fastcgi fails on Python3 defect major programming
#5581 Failures after updating the operating system defect critical programming
#5583 "Create Account" and "Start an Instance" are squished together enhancement trivial graphic design/interface
#5603 Error when running dbupdate after adding audio media-type defect major programming
#5621 Video media type not working defect critical programming
#187 add gnu ftp system to release process task minor infrastructure
#229 import from flickr -> mediagoblin enhancement trivial programming
#503 Write tests for the OAuth plugin enhancement major programming
#527 Add support for Free URL shorteners, like Muppy enhancement minor programming
#543 atom feed IDs: reevalaute taguri enhancement major programming
#560 Uploading videos - lack of progress cue or confirmation while transcoding defect minor graphic design/interface
#582 Webdav as storage backend enhancement major programming
#644 When celery is not running but CELERY_ALWAYS_EAGER=false, media do not show up under "Media in Processing" defect major programming
#707 Setup trac dev environment for testing task minor infrastructure
#746 Recommend users of patent-endorsing Web browsers to install a Xiph.Org media plugin enhancement major graphic design/interface
#809 Inconsistency between and ticket statuses in this Trac instance defect minor infrastructure
#810 zotero server API implementation enhancement major programming
#860 supervisor control files enhancement minor documentation
#871 Pull documentation on Ubuntu packaging regression enhancement minor documentation
#877 celery crash defect minor infrastructure
#903 Pin dependency versions enhancement major programming
#911 configure: error: Python Imaging Library is required defect minor programming
#946 trac: Allow accepted -> new enhancement minor infrastructure
#977 Development-only dependencies enhancement major programming
#993 Provide information about various CC Licenses enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#1008 gmg makeadmin <user> don't work... enhancement minor programming
#1022 "batchaddmedia" only supports CSV enhancement minor programming
#1029 When uploading media, silently fails in the web interface, and AttributeError("'NoneType' object has no attribute 'processing_metadata'",): defect major programming
#1030 supervisord examples in documentation enhancement minor programming
#1075 Separate celery ignores logging defect major infrastructure
#1084 warnings after startup defect minor programming
#5069 Logs of IRC meetings are unavailable (502 Bad Gateway) defect minor documentation
#5324 Sql alchemy doesn't handle broken databases enhancement minor programming
#5452 Slow gmg command enhancement minor programming
#5455 Latest flup is not python3-compatible defect major documentation
#5494 Use gi.require_version('GstPbutils', '1.0') before importing GstPbutils defect trivial programming
#5504 Support alternate URL prefixes enhancement minor programming
#5507 [python, setuptools] module 'setuptools.dist' [...] has no 'check_specifier' attribute defect major programming
#5516 upload transcode fails on mp3 or ogg defect major programming
#5520 celery has wrong broker in config files defect major programming
#5548 Audio plugin fails to load. Namespace Gst not available - Debian Jessie Install defect major documentation
#5549 python3 password check does not work defect major programming
#5552 documentation is missing "make" and "virtualenv" packages defect major programming
#5554 documentation suggests su -s /bin/bash, but the default shell is selected without the -s option defect major programming
#5556 a 'make' invocation following one that fails to install "wheel" skips python packages installation defect major programming
#5561 Cannot upload video and audio. Unhandled exception defect critical programming
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