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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#338 Inform users of Markdown and other formatting options Jef van Schendel defect trivial ui
#352 Logo/artwork need visibility, documentation and guidelines Jef van Schendel defect minor ui
#2 Add appropriate copyright headers to all files / adjust COPYING Will Kahn-Greene defect major 0.0.1
#5 Make image submission/conversion/display work Christopher Allan Webber defect minor
#6 Create a MediaGoblin announcement / press release on the blog Deb Nicholson defect minor 0.0.1
#7 Mount sphinx docs at Matt Lee defect minor 0.0.1
#9 Make MediaGoblin development setup dead easy Christopher Allan Webber defect major
#10 add inspiration line to bottom of website pages Will Kahn-Greene defect minor 0.0.1
#12 Email verification for new users joar defect minor 0.0.2
#13 flesh out hacking howto in docs Will Kahn-Greene defect minor 0.0.1
#15 flesh out contributing howto defect minor 0.0.1
#16 beardomatic chapter in docs Will Kahn-Greene defect minor 0.0.1
#19 Condense How? When? Who? Why? into About page defect minor 0.0.1
#20 remove Continue Reading text from entries on blog Matt Lee defect minor 0.0.2
#21 Put a link to our gitorious repo on main page and/or get involved Will Kahn-Greene defect minor
#32 Need a way to do schema migration on the database Juan José González defect minor
#34 write up instructions in hackinghowto for virtualenv Will Kahn-Greene defect minor 0.0.2
#36 Need a way to generate slugs for media entries, etc Aaron Williamson defect minor 0.0.2
#37 natty support Will Kahn-Greene defect major 0.0.2
#38 Cannot specify custom monod port Christopher Allan Webber defect minor
#41 Basic individual media view joar defect minor
#42 Don't HTML encode the URL in the verification email Christopher Allan Webber defect minor
#43 More useful errors for users who have registered but not verified their email defect minor 0.0.2
#46 Description not entered into database defect minor
#48 Design upload process Jef van Schendel defect minor
#52 Ignore trailing slash in most URLs defect minor
#53 Show media in reverse submitted order in galleries Sebastian Spaeth defect trivial 0.0.2
#60 Command to start shell w/ mediagoblin.globals set up defect minor
#84 Should we use passlib? defect minor
#129 organize admin/development scripts defect minor 0.0.4
#135 use messaging system for 'register successful!' Caleb Davis defect minor
#170 tests aren't all passing for me in gmg/master defect minor
#203 UX testing - round 1 reports defect minor
#204 Kick off user experience testing Deb Nicholson defect minor 0.1.0
#251 trans-tagging defect minor
#258 transifex error Christopher Allan Webber defect minor 0.1.0
#299 Possibly restore whitespace on forms Jef van Schendel defect minor
#362 On media submit page, "Separate" is misspelled defect minor
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