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#41 closed defect (FIXED)

Basic individual media view

Reported by: Christopher Allan Webber Owned by: joar
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Currently when you submit an image all that happens is it shows up
on the mainpage as a thumbnail. Boring! We should be able to view
those images on their own page.

If I upload the media entry of "A Walk in the Park" which has the
ID of 4d8e5b0048b1520586000000, I should be able to view that at:

[\ :sub:`cwebber/m/d8e5b0048b1520586000000/](`\ cwebber/m/d8e5b0048b1520586000000/)

(Eventually I'll also want to be able to view it by its prettier
slugified URL:

[\ :sub:`cwebber/m/a-walk-in-the-park/](`\ cwebber/m/a-walk-in-the-park/)

... but that's waiting on
` <>`_

This URL should have the following things:

-  The image, fully sized (we don't have scaled down versions
   implemented yet besides the thumbnail, so that's fine)
-  The author's name
-  When it was uploaded
-  The title
-  The description



    | GNU MediaGoblin             | login | register |
    |                                                |
    |  The Terror of Tinman Tim                      |
    |  Posted by cwebber on May 8, 2011              |
    |   ___________________________________________  |
    |  |                                           | |
    |  |      __ ____                              | |
    |  |  (O)== |    |=(O)                         | |
    |  |     |  |O  o|         DESTROY ALL HUMANS  | |
    |  |     |__|[ww]|                             | |
    |  |    |    |  _ |  _                         | |
    |  |    | ((((((_ |((_                         | |
    |  |    |    |    |                            | |
    |  |    |____|____|                            | |
    |  |      |_|  \_\  _                          | |
    |  |    _/_/_   \_// /                         | |
    |  |    |___||   |/_/                          | |
    |  |                                           | |
    |  '-------------------------------------------' |
    |    _________________________________________   |
    |   | Just another piece on a robot who wants |  |
    |   | to do what any robot would want to do.  |  |
    |   '-----------------------------------------'  |
    |                                                |
    |  Comments:                                     |
    |   __________________________________________   |
    |  | Wow I love your robot!!!!!!              |  |
    |  |                 sue @ May 8 2011 11:45PM |  |
    |  '------------------------------------------'  |

Don't worry about the comments for now though.

In addition, the thumbs currently on the main page should link to
this URL.

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0001-Implement-simple-media-detail-page.patch (11.7 KB ) - added by Sebastian Spaeth 13 years ago.

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comment:1 by Christopher Allan Webber, 13 years ago

Owner: set to Joar Wandborg
Assigning to Joar Wandborg. Thanks Joar!

comment:2 by Sebastian Spaeth, 13 years ago

Patch is here:
`\_requests/4 <>`_

Given that I don't know a lot about how things are supposed to
work, this should probably be reviewed. For example, I hardcode the
URL as /m/ on the "root" page, I am not sure if there is a function
that fetches a Media() url, as django's get\_absolute\_url() does.

Anyway, here it is. Please consider for merging.

comment:3 by Christopher Allan Webber, 13 years ago

So this is a good start. A few things:

It seems we're moving from /~cwebber/ style to /u/cwebber/ style,
so see about being able to handle the full media URL with the
username in it (which is a more useful URL I think):

` <>`_

It probably makes sense to start a mediagoblin.user\_pages section

-  mediagoblin/user\_pages/**init**.py
-  mediagoblin/user\_pages/
-  mediagoblin/user\_pages/

Do similar routing like is done with the auth routes to map the
routes that start with /u/ to mediagoblin/user\_pages/
and move the view to

It probably makes sense to "name" the route for this view something
like mediagoblin.user\_pages.view\_media... by this I mean what you
use for reversing, the first parameter of a Route() instantiation
(see the auth routes)

To simplify the query, you can probably just query for the
MediaEntry id as it is currently since that's already definitice,
but just assert also that the uploader username is the same as
what's grabbed from the url so that we don't misattribute a work
via the URL to someone who didn't do it.

Lastly, if you could indent the if/else sections of the template I
think that makes it more readable.


    {% if media %}
    <h2>Media details for {{media.title}}</h2>
      <img src="{{
                    media.media_files.main) }}" />
            <br/>Uploaded: {{ media.created}}
            <br/>Description: {{media.description}}
    {% else %}
    <p>Sorry, no such media found.<p/>
    {% endif %}
    {% if media %}
      <h2>Media details for {{media.title}}</h2>
        <img src="{{
                       media.media_files.main) }}" />
        <br/>Uploaded: {{ media.created}}
        <br/>Description: {{media.description}}
    {% else %}
      <p>Sorry, no such media found.<p/>
    {% endif %}

See what I mean? I think it makes it easier to see what's part of
what block.

Great work on this ticket so far!

comment:4 by Sebastian Spaeth, 13 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. I have now created the user\_pages/\*
stuff and adapted everything. Please check the gory details in:
`\_requests/8 <>`_

The URL is now /u//m/. One thing that is NOT YET part of this patch
is the check if the username and the media uploader correspond as
I have no clue how to throw an error 404. I added a placeholder for
that. Please merge and add that :).

I also created a placeholder "user homepage" while being at it (it
still needs content, so that ticket can not be resolved just yet

I am not sure, I like the /u/spaetz/m/123456781234567812345678 URL
scheme a lot. THe /m/ somehow sticks out as odd and unneccessary. I
would propose to go for something like this:


That will still allow us to do /u//profile\|timeline\|whatever...

Also, I think it would be useful to have an additional
/m/<mediaobjectID\_as\_24\_hexdigits)> URL. This way someone who
knows a mediaID can call its page without having to find out who
the uploader is. It is also slightly more efficient to call as we
don't have to check that the username and media uploader

by Sebastian Spaeth, 13 years ago


comment:5 by Sebastian Spaeth, 13 years ago

Willkg told me we don't do merge requests, so here is the patch as
a patch :-)

comment:6 by Christopher Allan Webber, 13 years ago

Status: NewClosed
(You forgot to indent the templates, but it's okay, I did it. ;))

Committed, thanks very much! :)

For the reference here's how to do a 404; use webob's


    # at the top
    from webob import exc
    # at the appropriate place
    return exc.HTTPNotFound()

comment:7 by Will Kahn-Greene, 12 years ago

The original url for this bug was .

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