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organize admin/development scripts

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Priority: minor Milestone: 0.0.4
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There are a few scripts that are in the repository now and probably
more to come. We should reorganize them so they get "installed"
when using builtout and install. Also, they should follow
a similar structure and have header information.

Maybe it's interesting to create a gmg command that has a series of
sub commands like PyBlosxom and git both have.

Regardless, the following things should be done:

1. administration/management scripts should be collected and put in
   a centralized place
2. they should be tweaked so they follow the same conventions
   (which means we should create a set of conventions for scripts)
3. we should fix the install process to "install" these scripts as

It's probably worth doing this for 0.0.4, but it's something
someone can think about towards the end of the 0.0.4 cycle.

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comment:1 by Will Kahn-Greene, 13 years ago

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First off, there is a gmg command with sub commands. I moved
destroy\_environment over to use that (this is covered in bug
`#296 </issues/296>`_).

Second, we have a bunch of bash scripts for doing things. We can at
some point move those to a scripts/ directory, but that might get
confusing given that after running, you end up with a
bin/ directory. Which is which? Why are there things in one place
and not the other?

Anyhow, other than bash scripts, this is totally covered and should
be marked closed.

comment:2 by Will Kahn-Greene, 12 years ago

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