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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#127 move mailing list to new server Will Kahn-Greene task minor 0.0.4 infrastructure
#161 Install source plugin on wiki Will Kahn-Greene task minor 0.0.4 infrastructure
#168 texinfo version of the manual Will Kahn-Greene task major 0.0.4 documentation
#169 update maketarball to build docs Will Kahn-Greene task minor 0.0.4 infrastructure
#213 expand AUTHORS, fix license headers Will Kahn-Greene task minor 0.0.5 documentation
#275 web-site stop-gap fixes Will Kahn-Greene task critical 0.1.0 infrastructure
#15 flesh out contributing howto defect minor 0.0.1
#19 Condense How? When? Who? Why? into About page defect minor 0.0.1
#43 More useful errors for users who have registered but not verified their email defect minor 0.0.2
#45 Submissions shouldn't require titles defect minor programming
#46 Description not entered into database defect minor
#52 Ignore trailing slash in most URLs defect minor
#54 Ambiguous README wording defect trivial programming
#59 User feeds defect minor programming
#60 Command to start shell w/ mediagoblin.globals set up defect minor
#64 MediaEntry['uploader'] should reference User, not embed it. defect critical 0.0.2 programming
#70 Usernames are case-sensitive defect minor 0.0.2 programming
#81 After submitting, user should go to user page with notification defect minor programming
#84 Should we use passlib? defect minor
#90 unexpected behavior after submitting image defect minor 0.0.3 programming
#92 Need a util.html_cleaner() method with good tests defect minor 0.0.3 programming
#105 thumb - grid size mismatch defect minor 0.0.3 ui
#106 requesting feedback on how to think about and use this tracker task minor infrastructure
#108 registration form fields don't fit within the designated region defect minor 0.0.3 programming
#129 organize admin/development scripts defect minor 0.0.4
#143 'previous' link results in 404! defect minor 0.0.4 programming
#170 tests aren't all passing for me in gmg/master defect minor
#186 It is possible to confirm an email address when logged in as a different user. defect trivial programming
#202 recipe for building a gmg virtual machine to run on Amazon's free EC2 tier task minor 0.0.5 documentation
#203 UX testing - round 1 reports defect minor
#217 Some "verification needed" messages are not clear that _e-mail address_ is to be verified defect minor 0.0.5 ui
#238 split up hacking howto in wiki task minor 0.2.0 documentation
#246 GNU project wording on website doesn't match task minor 0.1.0 documentation
#251 trans-tagging defect minor
#285 logo issues task minor infrastructure
#345 Test bug defect critical infrastructure
#356 Forgot-password process has too many pages defect minor programming
#362 On media submit page, "Separate" is misspelled defect minor
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