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#920 Broken migration for #894 defect blocker programming fixed
#859 Celery uses the wrong broker defect critical programming cant-reproduce
#874 The core__privileges_users table has the foreign key columns reversed defect critical programming fixed
#894 index User.username defect critical programming fixed
#909 pyld is python2.7+ only defect critical programming fixed
#927 Clean up Federation defect critical programming fixed
#303 Support deletion of an account by an administrator enhancement major programming fixed
#722 deployment guide improvements defect major documentation cant-reproduce
#758 Fix skip_transcoding defect major programming fixed
#789 Cannot upload ODF (LibreOffice, OpenOffice, etc.) files defect major programming fixed
#790 Problem processing OGV file defect major programming fixed
#791 When I tried put comment Slovakian language I got defect major programming fixed
#824 Delete an element with cli/gmg enhancement major programming fixed
#837 Moderation tools: report panel links the offender's name (whose content was deleted) to the reporter's page defect major graphic design/interface fixed
#839 Moderation: report panel: icons have copyright attribution in the ALT text defect major graphic design/interface fixed
#843 Postgres check is wrng defect major programming fixed
#865 creation date in exif data breaks image display defect major programming fixed
#888 Support RAW photo files enhancement major programming fixed
#889 zh and ja are not RTL languages defect major programming fixed
#896 Missing `pyld` packagee on update defect major infrastructure fixed
#916 Incorporate jpope's "sandy 70s speedboat" theme defect major graphic design/interface fixed
#923 Making admin a user does not turn on 'moderator' nor 'featurer' privileges defect major programming fixed
#948 Errors viewing other user's blogs defect major programming fixed
#731 Setting create_spectrogram to false breaks processing defect minor programming fixed
#819 Submitting media via the API plugin ignores tags defect minor programming fixed
#861 Use STARTTLS when sending emails enhancement minor programming fixed
#883 Properly exit when "gmg deletemedia" succeed. enhancement minor programming fixed
#884 Remove outdated PKGINFO. defect minor programming fixed
#897 I think that there's no such thing as `git submodule fetch` defect minor documentation fixed
#899 DeprecationWarning: Required is going away in WTForms 3.0, use DataRequired defect minor infrastructure fixed
#906 Sidebar info not showing up in media displays defect minor graphic design/interface fixed
#747 typofix and improve defect trivial programming fixed
#754 consider adding WAI-ARIA attributes to the header dropdown enhancement trivial programming fixed
#783 bin/gmg command adduser generates a minor unnecessary error defect trivial programming fixed
#885 Fix a typo in babel.ini. defect trivial documentation fixed
#907 Add template hook to dropdown header enhancement trivial graphic design/interface fixed
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