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#441 remove mongodb bits from documentation defect blocker documentation fixed
#442 migration tests fail defect blocker programming fixed
#243 Add minimized exception to javascript headers when we start adding them :) defect critical programming wontfix
#384 docs do not bear copyright/license notices Christopher Allan Webber task critical documentation fixed
#407 Provide link to source on mediagoblin site Christopher Allan Webber defect critical component1 fixed
#411 sql: deleting media needs to delete media_data Elrond defect critical component1 fixed
#423 Mongo to SQL script doesn't set up Ascii/Audio SQL Elrond defect critical component1 fixed
#429 Videos/muisc don't play because MediaGoblin should take care of mime-type before upload them to Rackspace Cloudfiles Jorge Araya Navarro defect critical component1 fixed
#443 gmg wipealldata fails if you don't have mongodb defect critical programming fixed
#264 Make sure delete_media deletes comments defect major programming fixed
#270 Create shell scripts to ease launching of celeryd with a local .ini enhancement major programming fixed
#379 SQL Meta Bug defect major programming fixed
#380 SQL: celery/kombu transport database defect major programming fixed
#381 SQL Migrations Christopher Allan Webber defect major programming fixed
#388 `gmg wipealldata` deletes the default mediagoblin database Jakob Kramer defect major component1 fixed
#399 MediaEntry.media_data integration Elrond task major component1 fixed
#402 nicer skin for video entries Christopher Allan Webber enhancement major component1 fixed
#403 Add ipython support to ./bin/gmg shell hugomatic defect major component1 fixed
#404 Don't save a "medium" image unless we have to Bassam Kurdali defect major component1 fixed
#406 Audio support (and content sniffing branch) joar defect major component1 fixed
#408 Localized dates and times enhancement major component1 duplicate
#415 Show ticket changes on mediagoblin issue tracker timeline Will Kahn-Greene defect major component1 fixed
#435 Wrong MIMEtype for audio source joar defect major programming fixed
#439 kicks up KeyError: u'No such transport: sqlite' Christopher Allan Webber defect major programming fixed
#440 revision for the spanish translation Jorge Araya Navarro defect major graphic design/interface fixed
#47 It is possible to register 2 accounts with same email address Elrond defect minor programming fixed
#96 Integrate the appearance of the documentation with the rest of the MediaGoblin site Jim Campbell task minor documentation fixed
#261 Resized images should have individual (detailed) filenames (not just medium.jpg or thumbnail.jpg) enhancement minor programming fixed
#293 Entering a non-ASCII password at registration causes error page defect minor programming fixed
#334 Display number of views a media object has had defect minor programming duplicate
#359 Comment counter always uses plural Jef van Schendel defect minor programming fixed
#375 Video Preload joar defect minor component1 fixed
#413 Arrow keys ←→ flip pages while I’m editing a comment Jakob Kramer defect trivial component1 fixed
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