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#428 sudo -u goblinartists ./bin/gmg dbupdate returns sqlalchemy.exc.ProgrammingError: (ProgrammingError) exception Jorge Araya Navarro defect critical component1
#873 core__user_privileges foreign key columns are reversed defect critical programming
#5420 sqlalchemy-migrate-0.10.0 requires missing docutils defect critical 0.9.0 programming
#422 Header drop-down disappears when clicked Jef van Schendel defect major programming
#605 Cross-instance collections/galleries (think Flickr pool) enhancement major programming
#606 Make sure thumbnail sizes are the same when subscribe to remote instance enhancement major programming
#676 Uploaded webm video produces only sound, not video defect major 0.5.0 programming
#682 file permission review defect major programming
#698 Add an option to disable video transcoding defect major programming
#721 media type: video enhancement major 0.5.0 documentation
#739 No module named audio.models defect major programming
#740 gmg dbupdate with database on another host defect major programming
#744 Enable "favoriting" of media defect major programming
#781 Command Line Upload enhancement major programming
#786 Recommend https:// URLs, not git:// URLs. defect major documentation
#788 Audio submissions to fail without error defect major programming
#846 The Difficulties of Writing defect major programming
#850 Kein Mediaupload mehr möglich defect major programming
#895 Missing lxml packagee on update defect major programming
#921 The Only Way defect major programming
#951 Possible overflow in video player defect major programming
#962 ActivityIntermediator.TYPES doesn't allow plugins to use activities enhancement major programming
#970 Importance of Education defect major programming
#1002 install does not copy rdfa11.jsonld defect major programming
#1031 Automated install of mediagoblin via salt enhancement major programming
#1032 (spam bug) defect major programming
#1035 (Removed: spam) defect major programming
#1036 Removed: spam defect major programming
#1037 (deleted: spam) defect major programming
#1043 [spam] defect major programming
#1044 [spam] defect major programming
#1047 Server error when URL contains weird characters defect major 0.9.0 programming
#1117 Rolldown menu no longer working in MediaGoblin master defect major 0.8.0 graphic design/interface
#5015 No such file or directory: 'mediagoblin/' defect major 0.8.0 programming
#5343 Incorrect activity actor in API defect major programming
#5383 Translations compilation is run without pybabel defect major 0.9.0 programming
#5426 lazycelery raises IndexError defect major 0.9.0 programming
#5445 Certain media hang on generating thumbnail defect major programming
#5471 Difficulty with fastcgi section from deployment guide. defect major documentation
#5481 Submitting media requires Lazyserver to be run as root defect major programming
#5577 Test ticket defect major programming
#5631 this is a test defect major programming
#289 Menu on front page appears below the line on Chrom(e|ium) defect minor ui
#318 Support RFC 3514 enhancement minor programming
#353 Titles on could use improvement defect minor programming
#367 atom feed shows a wrong URL when using apache with mod_proxy task minor documentation
#376 Body text sticks out beyond frame on Jef van Schendel defect minor ui
#424 Create Fabric Deployment Script for Media Goblin task minor documentation
#573 cannot delete collections enhancement minor graphic design/interface
#636 Fullscreen webm video marred by loading indicator that doesn't disappear defect minor programming
#666 Resubmitting a new photo with a deleted photo's name shows the old photo defect minor programming
#849 yeowch when greylisted by local smtp server enhancement minor infrastructure
#932 Video thumbnail pipeline passes seek_amount argument as float when int is expected defect minor programming
#949 Markdown rendering does not respect newlines in literal text defect minor programming
#5412 Add "Accept-Ranges: bytes" response header and support for videos enhancement minor programming
#5475 some PO files fail to build defect minor programming
#5478 jinja2 - 'mediagoblin.db.models.MediaEntry object' has no attribute 'get_uploader' defect minor programming
#5560 500 internal server error on upload defect minor infrastructure
#556 Big Deal.... Hypersharing enhancement trivial programming
#741 Check if header levels on the main page make sense (suggest changing to the same level) defect trivial graphic design/interface
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