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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#270 Create shell scripts to ease launching of celeryd with a local .ini enhancement major 0.3.0 programming
#264 Make sure delete_media deletes comments defect major 0.3.0 programming
#261 Resized images should have individual (detailed) filenames (not just medium.jpg or thumbnail.jpg) enhancement minor 0.3.0 programming
#255 Cannot delete media page if the file itself had been deleted Jorge Araya Navarro defect minor programming
#254 Directories in queue are not deleted automatically defect trivial programming
#248 Tutorial of the codebase documentation in wiki task minor documentation
#239 outline the site administration manual Sam Kleinman task minor 0.2.1 documentation
#224 feature mentioned in text but it doesn't exist yet Caleb Davis defect critical 0.3.1 ui
#222 write script to check life of server Will Kahn-Greene defect minor programming
#218 Announce only mailing list Deb Nicholson defect minor programming
#216 What happens when you set a slug to an existing objectid? Anything bad? defect major 0.3.3 programming
#214 Switch celery keys to be all-uppercase Larisa Hoffenbecker defect minor programming
#201 Video support Christopher Allan Webber defect major 0.2.1 programming
#197 Contributors to the code may be surprised to learn of PEP-8 Will Kahn-Greene task minor 0.2.1 documentation
#182 Logging in should take me back to the page where I clicked the login link task minor 0.3.2 programming
#178 Have a Users page that lists all the users on a given install enhancement minor programming
#159 After verifying email; the link to view user gallery doesn't work defect minor programming
#146 Make messaging system testable enhancement minor programming
#142 Make sure we're using 100% efficient queries / indexes Christopher Allan Webber enhancement trivial programming
#128 move bug tracker Will Kahn-Greene defect minor 0.2.1 component1
#122 set us up on openhatch task minor 0.4.0 infrastructure
#118 Provide option to limit upload size enhancement minor programming
#109 Least-Effort Picture adding enhancement trivial programming
#107 Email verification and forgot password verification tokens should expire defect minor programming
#103 Change user status into a boolean, "active" or "is_active" defect minor programming
#96 Integrate the appearance of the documentation with the rest of the MediaGoblin site Jim Campbell task minor 0.3.0 documentation
#95 identify bitesized bugs in redmine task major 0.2.1 infrastructure
#89 Ability to restrict diskspace per user enhancement minor 0.6.0 programming
#85 Methodology for handling bugs task minor infrastructure
#63 Canonical place for giving credits to contributors Will Kahn-Greene defect minor programming
#55 Need a paginator with tests defect minor programming
#47 It is possible to register 2 accounts with same email address Elrond defect minor 0.3.0 programming
#39 OpenID support enhancement trivial 0.5.0 programming
#27 API Support for Mobile Uploads joar enhancement minor programming
#22 Add scaling requirements to the deployment docs defect trivial programming
#18 make better sphinx templates defect trivial programming
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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