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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#5544 Orphaned notifications review defect critical
#958 Spectrogram thumbnail creation fails with non-local file storage new defect major
#1061 Media gets stuck in processing new defect major
#1086 Add CAPTCHA support accepted enhancement major
#5316 disallow creating blog post without title in_progress ayleph defect major
#5437 blog media_type uses inconsistent naming in_progress ayleph defect major
#5438 Address problems with blog mediatype new task major
#5444 Implement 'type_match_handler' hook for all core media types in_progress ayleph defect major
#5564 Show unprocessed media in processing panel review defect major 0.13.0
#917 Comment notifications are sent in the sender's language setting new defect minor
#5061 Reporting media does not produce email or notification new defect minor
#5318 cannot write mode P as JPEG accepted defect minor
#5376 Comment links cause server errors with recent migrations in_progress Boris Bobrov defect minor 1.0
#5392 Add ability to disable uploads of media type while retaining existing media of that type new enhancement minor
#5439 Use state other than "failed" to indicate draft blog posts new defect minor
#5454 Add more translatable strings in blog plugin new defect minor
#5463 Allow deleting failed media from processing panel new enhancement minor
#5510 Comments lost when navigating to next/previous media new defect minor
#5566 Display uploaded file size sum vs upload limit new enhancement minor
#5034 Inconsistent variable syntax in new enhancement trivial
#5064 Add option to override ./configure'd virtualenv new defect trivial
#5565 Display file size of uploaded media new enhancement trivial
#5567 Allowing setting per-user upload limits new enhancement trivial
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