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#662 Replace mediagoblin/tests/test_submission/evil* defect critical programming fixed
#702 Deleting account raises stl-table-related SQLAlchemy exception defect critical programming cant-reproduce
#391 Presentation and/or document media type support? Jorge Araya Navarro enhancement major programming duplicate
#474 Change password is on the same page as the rest of the account settings defect major graphic design/interface fixed
#515 MediaGoblin makes thumbs 180px high, but css only allows 135px high max defect major graphic design/interface fixed
#548 Add support for token refresh to the OAuth plugin enhancement major programming fixed
#580 Get rid of beaker defect major programming fixed
#614 Ability to swap app configuration for different unit tests Christopher Allan Webber defect major programming fixed
#623 Easy context hooks for plugins defect major programming fixed
#637 Callable hooks that iterate through vs hooks that halt Christopher Allan Webber enhancement major programming fixed
#639 WTForms form extension hooks enhancement major programming fixed
#640 Interface implementation hooks enhancement major programming fixed
#641 Plugin support for static files and staticdirect enhancement major programming fixed
#643 Unique contraint for user+slug on collections rodney757 defect major programming fixed
#671 3D model parser fails on stl models Aeva defect major programming fixed
#672 rfe: pdf media type support alon enhancement major programming fixed
#688 Map MEDIA_MANAGER to new MediaManager classes praveen97uma enhancement major programming fixed
#695 config_spec.ini for plugins defect major programming fixed
#697 Expand the plugin author guide defect major programming fixed
#699 Set up tests that use different plugins and media types to use their own config defect major programming fixed
#709 Changing license setting may set password to empty defect major programming fixed
#122 set us up on openhatch task minor infrastructure fixed
#394 Fuzzy timestamps Jessica Tallon enhancement minor programming fixed
#531 Compression Options for Images enhancement minor programming fixed
#532 Show creation date (extract from EXIF) enhancement minor programming fixed
#645 Refactor generate_slug for media and collections. Elrond enhancement minor programming fixed
#649 Use instead of request.form['field'] Hans Lo defect minor programming fixed
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