13:00 Ticket #866 (tour.html: typo) created by kbert
on: http://mediagoblin.org/pages/tour.html 'No compromises on …


10:04 Ticket #865 (creation date in exif data breaks image display) created by Sebastian Hugentobler
When an image with a creation date in its exif data is requested it …


08:09 Ticket #864 (The verification token field is incorrectly filled) created by Samy
Hi, I think this is a Trac bug; maybe it simply needs an update, so …


14:52 Ticket #797 (Impossible to play a video under Mageia Linux 3 with Mozilla Firefox ...) closed by Julien Gouesse
worksforme: It seems to work now. I don't really know why.


15:52 Ticket #863 (A way for plugins to add translateable strings) created by Christopher Allan Webber
It would be good for plugins to be able to add their own translateable …


16:36 Ticket #862 (Not require the "mediagoblin" user during install (or, other ...) created by Christopher Allan Webber
Our present docs are presently very confusing because we suggest users …


15:56 Ticket #861 (Use STARTTLS when sending emails) created by Matt Molyneaux
Currently MediaGoblin only has the option of using plain SMTP or SMTP …
13:17 Ticket #855 (An authentic form of writing) closed by Boris Bobrov
wontfix: No


18:34 Ticket #860 (supervisor control files) created by Guillaume Hayot
In the …


13:53 Ticket #859 (Celery uses the wrong broker) created by joar
If I launch celery via ./lazycelery.sh, it can't connect to the …


16:55 Ticket #858 (Non-english blog title results in BuildError) closed by Christopher Allan Webber
fixed: Both of these applied. Great work on both! I still feel like I wish …
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