17:01 Ticket #826 (Mediatype of image should provide a Download link.) created by saul
Currently, the webpages for images (PNG, GIF, JPEG, and TIFF) provide …
16:54 Ticket #825 (Problem with one special jpg) created by janssen
Hello I am having problems with one special jpg file. I created it …
16:35 Ticket #824 (Delete an element with cli/gmg) created by janssen
It would be nice, if elements (let’s say pictures) could be delete …


13:33 Ticket #823 (Ugly previews of scaled indexed images) created by saul
Previews of images using an indexed color mapping can become very ugly …


04:06 Ticket #822 (Plugin Writer’s Guide v.0.6.1 error) created by gts
In …


09:53 Ticket #821 (Cannot upload vorbis data) created by isengaara
I've set up a MediaGoblin instance for development. I enabled …


17:08 Ticket #820 (Uploaded media MIA) created by anongoblin
I created an account at a media goblin site and uploaded a video. Was …
16:45 WikiStart edited by Christopher Allan Webber


17:52 WikiStart edited by Simon Fondrie-Teitler
Don't try to link to camelcase MediaGoblin (diff)


23:03 Ticket #819 (Submitting media via the API plugin ignores tags) created by tryggvib
Tags are not parsed by the API plugin's submit function.


15:01 Milestone 0.6.0 completed


20:04 Ticket #818 (pbr is breaking things) created by vlado
I tried new instalation on debian, every stopped with error Attachment …
20:03 Ticket #817 (4 different similar strings about Markdown) created by Aleksej
Unless #389 gets fixed. ======================== #: …
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