Jan 26, 2018:

2:56 AM Ticket #972 (Upgrade system python) updated by dpg
Is this just a matter of adding a note in the docs?
2:55 AM remove-local.patch attached to Ticket #5429 by dpg
Little confused. It seems the online documentation just needs synced …
2:08 AM Ticket #5429 (Update documentation to reflect changes to mediagoblin.ini) updated by dpg
This bit me previously. Updating the documentation now.
2:03 AM Ticket #955 (Creative Common 4.0 licenses) updated by dpg
Patch submitted here. My email client didn't mark the patch as …

Jan 23, 2018:

10:40 PM Ticket #5556 (a 'make' invocation following one that fails to install "wheel" skips ...) created by Andrew
if you run "make" and it fails to install wheel, you might run "make" …
10:30 PM Ticket #5552 (documentation is missing "make" and "virtualenv" packages) updated by Andrew
another required package is gcc.
10:26 PM Ticket #5555 (mediagoblin install fails when building "wheel".) closed by Andrew
worksforme: this was indeed solved by running: export http_proxy="..." export …
10:21 PM Ticket #5555 (mediagoblin install fails when building "wheel".) created by Andrew
I'm attempting this on Trisquel 8 machine. The issue may be that we …
10:17 PM Ticket #5554 (documentation suggests su -s /bin/bash, but the default shell is ...) created by Andrew
If the documentation is merely enforcing the selection of /bin/bash, …
9:48 PM Ticket #5553 (documentation shows how to use python3, but it's not supported.) created by Andrew
> (Note that if you’d prefer to run MediaGoblin with Python 3, pass in …
9:32 PM Ticket #5552 (documentation is missing "make" and "virtualenv" packages) created by Andrew
it looks like these packages need to be installed to install gmg.
9:29 PM Ticket #5551 (install instructions and git submodules use git:// instead of https://) created by Andrew
iirc, git:// urls don't use https, so are less secure.

Jan 8, 2018:

6:14 PM Ticket #5520 (celery has wrong broker in config files) updated by Elinvention
I had the same problem, then I found out that devs made the decision …
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