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documentation shows how to use python3, but it's not supported.

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(Note that if you’d prefer to run MediaGoblin with Python 3, pass in –with-python3 to the ./configure command.)

However, there doesn't appear to be a version of pybabel for python3.


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comment:1 Changed 21 months ago by zoro

my installation with python3 skipped pybabel:
Skipping mediagoblin/i18n/templates/en/mediagoblin.po which pybabel can't compile :(.

comment:2 Changed 4 weeks ago by Ben Sturmfels

Resolution: worksforme
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Thanks Andrew, when running configure --with-python3 and then make, I get lines like this, that seem to indicate that pybabel is indeed running. Sounds as though this may have been fixed since you reported the issue. Sorry for the delay.

Some translations are failing to compile, but I suspect that related to the language itself and is not a systemic issue. I'll close this ticket for now, but any additional information you can provide would be very welcome.

$ make
compiling catalog mediagoblin/i18n/vi_VN/mediagoblin.po to mediagoblin/i18n/vi_VN/LC_MESSAGES/
compiling catalog mediagoblin/i18n/dz/mediagoblin.po to mediagoblin/i18n/dz/LC_MESSAGES/
compiling catalog mediagoblin/i18n/zh_CN/mediagoblin.po to mediagoblin/i18n/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/
compiling catalog mediagoblin/i18n/nl/mediagoblin.po to mediagoblin/i18n/nl/LC_MESSAGES/
compiling catalog mediagoblin/i18n/tr_TR/mediagoblin.po to mediagoblin/i18n/tr_TR/LC_MESSAGES/
Skipping mediagoblin/i18n/templates/en/mediagoblin.po which pybabel can't compile :(
compiling catalog mediagoblin/i18n/lt/mediagoblin.po to mediagoblin/i18n/lt/LC_MESSAGES/
compiling catalog mediagoblin/i18n/zh_TW.Big5/mediagoblin.po to mediagoblin/i18n/zh_TW.Big5/LC_MESSAGES/
compiling catalog mediagoblin/i18n/sl/mediagoblin.po to mediagoblin/i18n/sl/LC_MESSAGES/
compiling catalog mediagoblin/i18n/is_IS/mediagoblin.po to mediagoblin/i18n/is_IS/LC_MESSAGES/
Skipping mediagoblin/i18n/jbo/mediagoblin.po which pybabel can't compile :(
compiling catalog mediagoblin/i18n/sr/mediagoblin.po to mediagoblin/i18n/sr/LC_MESSAGES/
compiling catalog mediagoblin/i18n/el/mediagoblin.po to mediagoblin/i18n/el/LC_MESSAGES/
compiling catalog mediagoblin/i18n/bg/mediagoblin.po to mediagoblin/i18n/bg/LC_MESSAGES/
compiling catalog mediagoblin/i18n/it/mediagoblin.po to mediagoblin/i18n/it/LC_MESSAGES/
compiling catalog mediagoblin/i18n/sq/mediagoblin.po to mediagoblin/i18n/sq/LC_MESSAGES/
compiling catalog mediagoblin/i18n/zh_TW/mediagoblin.po to mediagoblin/i18n/zh_TW/LC_MESSAGES/

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