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#395 duplicate Make license options customizable and drop non-FaiF options by default Christopher Allan Webber

Several things to this:

  • Add an option to mediagoblin.ini that's like:

[mediagoblin] enabled_licenses =,,

  • Add an option for "enable_nolicense = false" (false by default) which allows for all rights reserved
  • Make CC BY-SA, CC BY, CC0 the default licenses, "disable by default" *-NC *-ND, all rights reserved (which is what the described config above shows)
  • Provide a "default license" option. Should default to BY-SA?
  • Allow users to select their default license option

And obviously, add appropriate logic to support this!

We just want to "filter out" what license options are permitted. It's okay for things in the database which have a license not in this list to be marked as something else.

#398 wontfix A way to download a file together with attribution/metadata, with convenient file names Aleksej

It would be great to be able to download media easily together with attribution and other data. Most licenses require attribution, so it should be obvious why.

The metadata should include, e.g.:

  • License, author name;
  • Upload date, title, URL;
  • Description?

Maybe it could also optionally include comments?

The metadata file should have a file name beginning similarly to the media’s file name, so that the files show together in a file manager. It could be a sidecar file, but what if you download a thumbnail?

The feature should be remarkable and easy to use for an inexperienced user (who is likely to miss the attribution requirement).

#408 duplicate Localized dates and times Jakob Kramer

Currently dates are displayed using the “Gregorian Big Endian” format1 (the 18th March 2012 is displayed as “2012-03-18”). It would be nice if there were localized date (and time) formats like “18.03.2012” for Germany and others.


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