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#298 FIXED ./bin/gmg adduser should take password, email as arguments, and prompt if not provided Manolinux aka Mu Christopher Allan Webber
Instead of being sequential arguments, email and password (or at
least password) should be --keyword arguments. If not provided, we
should prompt the user for them (and obscure the password as being

This is a fairly easy and entry level task.

#323 FIXED Tags list on Edit page is not seperated by spaces and hard to read Manolinux aka Mu Jef van Schendel
On the Edit page for any media, the "Tags" field look like this, no
matter if you used commas, spaces or both:



Instead, it could use some space between the tags to make it more


    tag1, tag2, tag3, tag4

I've also changed the tag list on media pages to "Tagged with tag1,
tag2, tag3, etc", so if we change this they will be consistent in

#329 FIXED Drop custom delimiters in tags Manolinux aka Mu Christopher Allan Webber
As we agreed on IRC a long time ago, custom delimiters are too
complex for translation and other reasons. We might be able to
think of a nice way to implement them but at this point it's too
much of a mess.

Switch the tag delimiter to comma only.

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